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  • reticiiz reticiiz May 29, 2006 1:14 AM Flag

    The shape of things to come

    Good post great_contender, it wouldn't surprise me to see dollar falling within couple years but there is always something that can come up and extend it's life. One thing someone said is that it doesn't benefit elite from total collapse - well that's wrong thinking. US especially lost and is loosing it's freedoms (ex. patriot act), most people believe things they are told my the media and never look deeper, and if USD does collapse and people start getting their things taken away by banks people could start getting hostile - government steps in and uses patriot act labeling these angry people terrorists and sending them to nice concentration camps, oh I meant detention centers. If things go bad there could be a martial law and no more elections needed, already US government is above the law in many respects so would it be surprising for elite to take total control like that?

    This is just a possibility doesn't mean it will happen just like it doesn't mean USD will collapse, but if one thinks that USD might collapse one must also think of reprecations as to what might the outcome be in regards to general population and the reaction of the government(s).

    Banks and FED won't make things fall apart that quickly IMO and will make this play out over time - can't make it too obvious for the sheep to actually see how they are herded for slaughter.

    IMO it's a good idea to pay off your debts now and have some bullion just in case but either way the situation with USD isn't looking good, one question I might have is does anyone remember how PM stocked fared during 1929 and the 30s? Because it's one thing owning bullion but it's completely another thing owning stocks(paper).

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    • " does anyone remember how PM stocked fared during 1929 and the 30s?"

      The price of gold was "fixed" and did not fluctuate in those days. The larger industrial companies that had publicly held stock lost about 80% of their value between '29 and '33. I am not sure if there were many small cap type miners held publicly but I am sure the answers are on google somewhere.

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