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  • relapse41101 relapse41101 Jun 27, 2006 9:22 PM Flag

    SLW vs POS (silver)

    Approximately 3 or 4 months ago for a brief period the price of SLW was higher than the price of silver. Does anyone have a clue or thoughts as to when this may occur again?

    Was wondering if it maybe time to switch to SLV? I'm part of the SLW been here since $3.50 crowd, never sold, but guess I am wondering?

    Any thoughts,

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    • The only "political scientists" I knew in college were the biggest, loud mouth drunks at the party that couldn't hold their liquor and later in life ended up in AA and jobless.

      political science is an oxy-moron.

      political scientists are just plain morons.

      politicians are lawyers' scum!!!

    • RU black?

    • <<The only thing the Muslim world is concerned with insofar as this country is the control being exerted over America by the Zionists.>>

      Why do you keep using the word "Zionists" when you really mean Jews?

    • Oh noooo! Moses is here to correct was Karl Rove and the Jews who did it..Goldman Sachs ..nooooo!! the Fed..Who gives a fuck Moses??They are coming for you too it doesn't matter how much you know,your trading record ,independent,republican,democrat ...all your books and your ideas ,they are meaningless ..I expected better from Moses..I thought you and the lord were about being confused..

      "We are all in this alone" unknown trader

    • I am not a Bush patriot,I care about the military,I think the war was a mistake but so what??You say I'm brainwashed but you're the one who proudly points to your own service..what was your rank? Major Flaming Asshole?? You're the one who needs to get off your fucking moral superiority bullshit and do something about that chip on your shoulder ,you sound like a very damaged person.. it's not the Jews or the republicans or the democrats shooting at us,it's people who hate us because they want to force others to live under a sixteenth century doctrine..Your moral equivalents make as much sense as probably your trading results,how's your buy and hold strategy doing?..back to the brig you fool and do us all a favor;get some help! click!!!!!

    • "brainwashed robot."
      I bet you dont have the balls to say that to a
      Marine face to face.
      Nam Vet, my ass.

    • Hey man..I salute you..there are many like me ,more than you know who know there's no safer place during battle than behind a platoon of Marines..We respect and honor your sacrifice ,we also know that is a volunteer army.I understand you where all kids when you joined but a few months later you became warriors in short notice,full grown men of discipline and honor.Tell the rest of the band of your brothers that our prayers are with you and that we love you dearly..
      The only reason the rest of us are here is because someone else in uniform took our place and politics have nothing to do with it..We are at war with a ruthless enemy that does not hesitate hacksawing men's heads for the camera..Don't let the noise break your concentration,take good care..Semper fi!!

      "No greater love had he..who lays his own life for his brother"

    • You are obviously a psycopath that can't function in a civil society, and instead of being a mass murderer where you live, and ending up in prison for the rest of your life, you try to mass kill "legally" by joining the army, and going to Iraq, where you can kill at will.

    • <<On a final note, war sucks, no one likes it. >>

      You are obviously not a military man, we do like it, we join to fight it, we train to fight it and we want to fight it.

      So get a clue and talk with some of the so called boys, and find out for yourself what we think. This is not Vietnam where us boys were drafted, so your hippie liberal assumptions hold no value this time.

    • <<Like the war or not, wrong or right, our boys are there >>

      I am so fed up with this statement!

      Boys we are NOT, I was there less than six months ago, sorry but we are all MEN. So please stop using liberal talk and refer to us as kids, boy, or children. We are MEN that join on our own free will, I have already asked to go back again.

      So what ever your opinon is on the war, have the least common curisity to refer to us as MEN!

      By the way I am 35 years old and have two children ages 7 and 10, by the way do you refer to your friends, brothers, sons or even dads as boys?

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