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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Nov 7, 2006 8:27 AM Flag

    OT: Today Marks the End of Repuke-lican Leadershit

    Absolutely correct; the other wing of the American Communist Party will reassert itself today. The duped do not see their peril in swapping one bunch of Constitution bashers for another. It is no solution - think Teddy Kennedy's crowd is concerned with your rights and Liberties? The march to collapse will continue apace. Therein lies the solution.

    What exactly was in that oath again?

    I won't aid and abet the travesty.

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    • Hey Moses, you're all over the place, in more ways than one, lol. Ah, just kidding.

      If deficitcs don't matter, then why don't we cut taxes to zero and raise spending by several trillion, and buy everyone two Fords and Hummer. You know, to help out domestic automakers.

      And if the foreigners holding our worthless script, oops, I mean Treasury bonds, raise an eyebrow or two, we can put it all off budget. It's a military secret how much we are spending, so just take our word for it that we're running a balanced budget. Yeah, that's the ticket.

      I heard tell that there is about one ounce of gold and two of silver above ground per person. I got mine, how 'bout you? IMHO, pipe

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