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  • reticiiz reticiiz Jun 21, 2007 2:02 PM Flag


    PMs are excellent for swing trading. They're good long term as well but better for short term trades. SLW looks like it's trying to take out highs and it's been hanging in there quite well despite the weakness in PMs.

    As for USD, well it's hard to say why it's moving higher when it should be falling. Possible that it's being propped up by other CBs or that it came close to all time low and bounced. Could be that other CBs are inflating their currencies which is another problem that might occur. If Euro moves too high they will start printing paper to lower it's worth and thus USD might gain some. With time PMs should move on their own but that will still take some time.

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    • Agreed , long term, trade its all good.
      It can be a hard on the nerves though.
      Insurance? You need to hold physical PM, at home.
      Good luck to all.
      Vilmuchka loves SLW and Ag too.

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      • I'm not against day trading but with pm's they are certainly difficult to predict s/t and are constantly prone to emotional trading by others who use them as a shoot-for-the-moon leverage play. I have traded them for 10 years and generally, they run, then consolidate, then run, then consolidate more. You have to know which part of which phase you are in to be able to make the trades.

        I have found a strategy of owning a 50% position during consolidations where you sell calls at the top and sell puts at the bottoms works. Sooner or later, like during the first week or two of june, you can see a final bottom.

        When the trend starts, as I think it already has, you load up the the other 50% of the pm portfolio with 6 - 8 month calls and then stop trading to take advantage of the mark-up.


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