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  • daviebri daviebri Jul 9, 2007 5:01 PM Flag

    It amazes me anyone would even

    consider selling after breaking out into new territory. This is what its all about folks, getting into a position where stock is about to make a major move. If we were a double and talking about this, that would be different but we are in the very early stages of a brand spanking new up leg...the uptrend could last several months as we had consolidated for 18 mos...don't be in a hurry to sell, this stock has a long way to go...

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    • I agree >>no stock goes up forever<< but I would not classify SLW into this coined phrase as of yet. As to GG, I was making a comparison, it broke out @ 15 and rallied to $42...SLW just broke out @ $12, taking any profits at this point would be too early if expectations are SLW will move into the 20's. Those who aren't sure where this stock is going or where its been, shouldn't be in the trade to begin with. I'm not critisizing your game plan, only from my perspective I would not be selling at this stage. I see too much upside potential. As to pull-backs and corrections, these are a good thing and if it does pull back to 12.5, I'll pick up some more...

    • Silver was flat yesterday while SLW rose quite a bit. Today, silver up 1 1/2 % and SLW took a breather after reaching yet another interday all time high.

      Hmmm...if POS rises again tomorrow and the market is generally positive we may see 14 thanks to the shorts buying shares and former longs buying back their shares.... higher than they sold 'em for.

      Welcome to SLW - a stock that knows what silver at $20/oz means....

      We'll see new money once investors see and understand the subprime mess and determine that bonds are not exactly where they want to put their ever-decreasing fiat currencies. They will gladly take shares from investors who had the stomach to ride through that long consolidation period SLW experienced.

      Don't fall for the're holding all's everyone else (especially the financials) that's got the bad hand....

      GE Nupe

    • Major capping action going on in Gold. The dollar fell throw major support and kept on going down. There is no reason for SLW and any other PM stocks to be going down. Gold is up with bullish indicators. Silver will follow. The profit taking is overdone.

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