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  • matx56 matx56 Jul 26, 2007 2:47 PM Flag

    Easy people

    don't get to close to the window now. We don't want anyone jumping or falling by accident. WOW minning and PM stocks, along with the PM are getting destroyed lately. Hopefully the crimex covers some of its record short position.

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    • 7/26/07 Market Update

      ........aaiiieeeee!!! The Central Banks are selling paper gold and silver like there is no tomorrow (perhaps there isn't, after all), with both down substantially at this moment (11 am, July 26). See chart below. Bbbbbut........ the dollar isn't responding. The dollar dipped under 80.0 for most of yesterday, but end-of-day bailing got it back to exactly 80.0, then up overnight. Now it's headed south again. And the market is down big, too. What will they do?

      This is the new financial paradigm, where gold and silver, which traditionally (and logically) react inversely to dollar and stock movements, move in lockstep with them. There is only one explanation possible, of course, just in case there is anybody out there who still believes otherwise: massive manipulation by government (including private central banks, but I repeat myself).

      Metal deliveries are stretching out already. Soon, somebody will be forced to take dollar bills instead of gold or silver when their contract comes due and the whole house of cards will fall at once. (Can you say WWIII, boys and girls? How about Depression II? Okay, then, how about the complete freekin' end of civilization as we know it?).

      Truly, these are interesting times....


    • Free fall!!!! bingo!!! dumbasses!

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