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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Jan 4, 2008 12:00 PM Flag

    RBC just crossed 175000 shares at Bid

    11:52:24 was the time of the trade.

    So, they are buyers again, and they never vacated the majority of their position, surprise, surprise.

    They did some profit taking yesterday and got back in today at the 5 day moving average, not a bad play!

    Lastly the price jumped after they bought, almost immediately

    Good trading

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    • Boys, we are about to go alot higher in the days ahead. Here is a buy that just went across the tape!./

      01/04/08 12:36:43 17.67 17.65 17.66 230226

      That's 230,226 Shares BOUGHT at $17.67! Some one wants in!

    • Chemeas, you have a very detailed L2. what trading platform are you using to decipher the tape? Looks like you can see past NAS total view, instinet, ARCA, etc

      Do tell, I want that platform added to my arsenal!

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      • Please don't bother, I just checked the SLW daily chart & saw that the peak volume so far was 93,420 shares (at 10:11 am EST) for any given minute today. So either somebody's info is inaccurate, you guys are talking about some stock other than SLW, or the 2 transactions you two have cited today are fictional. Am I missing something here? My research is from the Scottrade website.

      • No Problem Mr.G..S,

        Its not the platform that provides the detail its the result of trading in the Canadian market.

        When you trade in the US, you are able to view L2 but the detail isn't very helpful because although you see the lots on the bid and ask side, L2 won't show you who bought through EDGX, ISE, NYS etc. (eg. wouldn't it be great to see that it was goldman sachs offering the massive lot on the ask side, and that it was them preventing the price from moving up?)

        In Canada its possible to see this. The equivalent of L2 is called "Market Depth". What's great about it is it shows you who each buyer and seller is. So, you can see for instance Goldman Sachs put up 10,000 share lots at certain resistance points. When I said RBC "crossed" 175K in shares, they conducted an inhouse trade where they were both the buyer and seller. The way you tell whether they are getting in or out is by seeing if they disposed of their shares at the ask or the bid. In this case the trade occured at the bid. Also, in the US you can't see who the dominant market maker or specialist is because of the lack of detail. Why is this useful? If you can follow the market maker and see how they buy and sell you can make good money. In Canada it's easy to follow the market makers.

        I use a direct access platform that allows you to route your order through INET, ARCA, OPTN etc. The execution platform is from an organization called Trade Freedom which was just bought by Scotia /Mocatta Bank of Canada (2nd or 3rd largest bank in CAN). I also use a day trading platform from stockwatch that provides L2 and Market Depth plus decent anayltical tools to chart with on the intraday. I trade the US sometimes but 95% of my trading now is in Canada because of the US dollar decline.

        FYI its not to clear right now but I believe the dominant market maker performed a buy of 5 million warrants today and 1.5 million shares. Those shares did transact but I need to examine it to confirm it was a buy not a sell. With a break to new high, its hard to believe it was a sell.
        Hope that helps.

    • Well they do still have a $19.00 price target.
      Guess they are just trying to make a buck also. LOL

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