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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 17, 2008 7:01 PM Flag

    Bush Declares $300 tax back solves everything


    What a fukkin idiot. Can't tell the difference between 16 Saudi Arabians with boxcutters 9/11, and calls $300 bucks a STIMULUS?

    Yeah, if you're buying dildos, you can really get stimulated big time for the $300 delux model. People are losing hundreds of thousands in home value, while he kisses Saudi ass, capitalizing on 9/11 to support Texas Oklahoma crude prices. Talk about personal gain from everybody's trajedy.

    No wonder the market is finally ignoring all these bullshit artists that ruined their stock and brokerage companies with all those liar loans when they got into the free for all subslime loan business.

    Say goodbye to another 2000 points. Say hello to SLW 20 bucks.

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    • YDM69 may be a little shrill but, the fact remains, $300-$800 for every taxpayer/family parallels the 2002 $300 tax relief effort, and some comment are in order.

      Bush has forgotten, or hopes YOU forget, that that $300 effort in 2002 paralleled the upswing in home values from liar loans pushing demand on that market. That put $75,000 in every home owner's pocket. THAT sense of wealth, some of it spent to drive the economy, created the long term boom of five years duration, NOT some diddly nickel dime tax relief.

      We're gonna get a relief rally that'll last MINUTES from this nonsense while the banks report increasing 10-15 Billion dollar losses, not just this quarter, but every quarter or so until we get past at LEAST the three year adjustable period, about early 2009 or so.

      That's for certain. IMHO.

    • PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. The resultant soundbytes make it look as though they are working through a problem that they technically lack the toolbox to fix.

      This puppy is gonna come down and come down hard. When it does, let's all think about what these manipulators, thieves, liars, murderers, and whores have done to our country. Payback deserves to be hell.

    • Bush IS an idiot. But he's also the front man for some really deranged fascist war criminals. Not that Bush isn't a war criminal, he is, but he's more of an accessory (before and after the fact) than the real perpetrator.

      Bush is Cheney's sock puppet, but Cheney is a sock puppet for the military-industrial complex, backed by banks that loan money to America so we can go invade little countries on the other side of the world based on fraudulent evidence, including the mother of all frauds, 9/11. Sad but true.

      Maybe somebody can explain to me why we have to put up with this. It doesn't benefit me or my family. Oh I forgot, I get $300. That will fix everything.

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      • You are pure evil for hijacking an innocent financial chat board to spew your crap. You're as mean-spirited as the criminals who hijack airplanes or terrorize the world with guns and bombs.

        As long as you're here, just exactly what is your solution to the problem of Muslims following the doctrine dictated by their holy book, that everyone in the world must either convert to Islam or die? The world will NEVER be peaceful while such a doctrine exists and blaming this on Bush or any American politician (Republican or Democrat) shows your ignorance.

    • "emergency steps Thursday to rescue the national economy from a possible recession, including tax rebates of $300 or more for many Americans.
      All the talk of rescue efforts failed to soothe Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials plunged 306.95 points"

    • From another board:

      CAIRO Despite the red carpets, big receptions, dancing, impressive gifts, US President George Bush's week-long Middle East tour proved a failure even before he wrapped it up.

      "Seldom has an American President's visit left the region so underwhelmed, confirming Bush's huge unpopularity on the street and his sagging credibility among Arab leaders he counts as allies," Time commented on Thursday, January 17.

      Bush wrapped up his tour after failing to win backing for the main goals of the trip, An Arab agreement to "reach out" to Israel and join anti-Iran alliance.

      Although Saudi Arabia rolled the red carpet for Bush and King Abdullah honored him with an invitation to his horse farm, the Saudis publicly disagreed with Bush's views.

      "I don't know what more outreach we can give to the Israelis," Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal told a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during Bush's visit to the Arab powerhouse.

      The Saudis also seemed to rebuff Bush's call to increase oil production to bring down prices.

      "We will raise production when the market justifies it," was the answer of the Saudi oil minister.

      Even on the bigger issue of building a coalition against Iran, Bush's visit was no less a failure.

      "Iran is a neighboring country, an important country in the region," Prince Faisal said.

      "Naturally we have nothing bad against Iran."

      The reaction form Kuwait, another Gulf ally and home to two US military bases, was even blunter.

      Only days after Bush visited Kuwait, which his father helped liberate in 1991, its Foreign Minister Mohammed Sabah al-Salem was in Tehran.

      "My country knows who is our friend and who is our enemy, and Iran is our friend," he said shaking hands with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki.

      Lost Faith

      It was not only the leaders who abandoned Bush.

      He got a chilly reception from "the people whose liberty he says he sincerely seeks," the Time noted.

      In Egypt, the last stop in Bush's multi-leg tour, protesters set fire to American flags in the capital Cairo.

      The opposition press has been vocal in its criticism. Al-Ahaly newspaper told the US president simply to "Get out."

      What a week no matter what the Neocons DID it all went kaput!

      To cover-up the embarassing sword dance the economic stimuli package was hootered by the MSM and the market still sunk itself again...Somebody's getting IT!

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