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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Mar 13, 2008 3:59 PM Flag

    When does SLW exceed the price of spot silver

    Actually, Hbrown does know this. He was just having some fun by trying to figure out when the leverage in SLW will allow it to trade at the same price as silver spot.

    For instance, SLW used to trade just below the spot price of silver, then at around $10.00 spot.. SLW's price caught up to the $10.00 went roughly by $1.50 to $2.00 over. At that point it used the spot price in both its advances and declines like a sinosoidal wave rotates around a centre point..falling 1 to 2 dollars and rising 1 to 2 dollars above the spot price in a repreated pattern.

    When I posted my post about stocks taking over and leading the silver spot price, this was what I was hinting at. Since my post SLW was trading 3 dollars below spot, now its 1.70 below.

    My guess would be between $21.75 dollars ..silver spot...they catch up

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    • I'm a bit nostalgic, not that I want to return to old trading history but i remember when slw had 50 or 70 trades in canada/ 8541.

      I remember when SLW started trading in the US..a bit foggy on the memory here..but it was a few 25202..

      PAAS doubled in a year from the breakthrough of $18, and it so during a less bullish phase of the spot price rise.

      My guess on SLW reaching parity with spot was strickly a guess...

      Warrant action was a robust as I wanted but heck, i know its coming

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