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  • reticiiz reticiiz May 18, 2008 1:05 AM Flag

    OT - water out of air - opinions please

    This has nothing to do with PMs I know but it's sounds really good and I would like some opinions on the product.

    Basically a company came out with this product that extracts water out of air - up to 12L a day. Water is purified so you don't get any bacteria or pollutants found in the air. The main unit sits outside, somewhat like a room air conditioner and the output water either goes to your drinking water cooler or refrigerator water dispenser, or sink mounted spigot. Next phase will provide this unit with off the grid capabilities, so you can use this product in any location and will be powered by solar panels or wind powered generator. Carbon filter is replaced according to the environment, so if you're living in a country where air quality is good you might need to replace the filer once every 18 months or so but if you live in an area like LA it might be every 4 months - so the filter isn't like the refrigerator that need replacing every 6 months or so. Pure clean water could be captured anywhere on the planet, the desert if you wish.

    Question is, what do you guy/gals think of such a product and if you were to purchase such a unit what is the total MAX you would be willing to pay for this unit knowing that it provides pure water not dependent on anything other than air.

    I am looking to hear back your opinion on this water generator. I don't think there is anything else like it on the market with such a great potential for it's uses as water is probably one of the most important resources on the planet for life and pure clean water is what we all wish to have but aren't willing to pay too much either.

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    • Not enough technical data at the site to be specific, but my feel is the cost is prohibitive for average applications. On the other hand if sufficiently portable with a portable solar panel I think there are some excellent applications such as remote long term camping and as emergency back up on small ocean going boats. I would like to see some efficiency data showing rates of water extraction relative to the due point. In other words how much water do you get when the relative humidity is only 10% verses say 80%. I would venture a guess that the dew point needs to be at least 50 degrees F for it to work at all.

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      • Environmental date is one of the questions i have on my list to ask. I've invested or should I say traded mostly 2-3 companies for the last 5 years (GG (previous wht) SLW and NTO, and I haven't looked at any tech company in the past but this one caught my eye as a huge potential but I do find some issues - selling price being the main one and the second one being the environment which I found would affect the output. I think it's awesome idea but I'm not sure if it's feasible just yet. I can see a huge potential in the future when water becomes scarce or if there is a major illness due to water in a region but at present unit price, the product would allow developed country's dwellers to buy this but why would majority want it if they have fairly clean water and can buy a filter for couple hundred bucks that will allow them to have same quality clean water as this water generator at quarter of the price.

        I appreciate all the feedback as it helps to look at negatives and possibilities at the same time.

    • I didn't specify the company in the first post for a reason that I could post a follow up. It's quite unique, and it's not like air conditioner or dehumidifier from what I understand about this product. It's basically for clean drinking water and not for collecting water for the household showers or garden, etc. They will get into commercial uses down the road. Anyways the retail price should be around 1200 from what I understand. I just learned about the product just couple days ago, I heard of it about 6 months and followed up on it and found more info. The company is private and is called elemetfour -

      They will have a presentation on Tuesday which I will attend to learn more and ask some more questions. I don't believe the weather conditions affect the product but I will ask some f these questions. I think it's a great product and I love the idea but the biggest question that's keeping me back from jumping in and investing in this is the price. How many people would be willing to pay over a 1000 dollars for such a unit. I know I will once it becomes available to the public some time this fall but the ones that would benefit the most from this product I think live in poor countries and these people won't be able to afford it unless developed country's governments or relief organization purchase these units for the poor public.

      Besides the poor nations who would be the first on the list that would benefit (but have no money) the only other group that would benefit is the army who wouldn't need to bring their own water and could have these units mounted in their tanks, jeeps or where ever and have constant supply of fresh clean drinking water. The other part of thought is that if these organization would benefit the most - relieve agencies who help poor and the army - why not produce commercial units first before residential units.

      Anyways, further responses would be welcome.

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      • Bottled water is pretty common nowadays....... If the machine is very small and compact and handy to use..fine. But if it cumbersome or heavy it would be cheaper to haul around cases or truckloads of bottled water.....IMHO

        In time it could be a very useful invention.

      • Thanks for posting the name of the company.

        First of all drinkable water will become one of the critical issues world wide due to population growth. Investing in water related ETFs has been on my mind for some time now. Basically my thoughts are to ride the pm bull as long as it's has more upside potential than downside and then switch to alternate energy resources and water related investments.

        You ask if we think this product has merit. I live in the arrid southwest. Half the Navajo Nation would pay that price for water "out of the air". Can you imagine the Middle Eastern market?

        I'm intrigued enough to explore for more info. Thanks

      • Ask them how much electricity it uses to accomplish this. I think that's their achilles tendon.

    • Presumably it works like a dehumidifier or air conditioner which cools humid air to the point where water condenses out and can be collected. Works better in high humid conditions like Fla., but not so well in Az. Cost should be similar to dehumidifiers and require the same amount of energy to run regardless of whether on or off the grid. Reading your post it seems that the company is simply providing a way of collecting the water and filtering it for normal consumption. I don't recall seeing a "product" being available for this, although I channel my AC run off to a few plants in the yard. I could see where there may be a practical use for this in certain water poor locations, some areas of FLA. come to mind.

      Now if there is some new innovative approach for off grid use please share the data.

    • Tell who the company is and I would be glad to give my opinions...after I know more about the product.

    • I don't know a ton about these things, but doesn't it take a lot of energy to do something like that? I would think you'd need a fairly large solar array to get enough power to make large quantities of water, but then I really have no idea.

      If it's for real, I can't think of a better product for the world right now. If I could get something like that and I was convinced its power requirements were relatively meager, I'd probably pay a couple/few thousand dollars for it. I live in drought country, and the thought of keeping a huge underground cistern continually topped off to water my garden and assure the showers running and the toilets flushing, well that's just too good a thought!

      Do you have any more information about this??

    • Think it would be a great product. Naturally here in the North the temperature outside may be a problem in the winter months. Take this product where the temperature is hot an humid should be a great water producer!

    • I like it like a dehumidifier? Im a sailboater and some pay thousands for a desalinator that is very finicky. Do you have a number or address?

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