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  • reticiiz reticiiz Jun 11, 2008 9:32 AM Flag

    If market crashes, will SLW follow?

    I don't know which will happen, stock market crash or hyper inflation will keep moving the market higher even if the value in real terms drops.

    Market crash would most likely be global and you can expect the 1930s depression on a global scale as banks would loose huge sums of money and would tighten the money supply which caused much pain during the 30s. Hyper inflation would depreciate the dollar which would allow US to pay off their debts to foreigners, would break the middle class and create a possible depression. But with US inflating so would other nations which IMO is what is happening at present as no one wants their currency to over shoot. There is no easy answers to problems that the US created. Don't worry about you being down $3/sh at this time, at least you didn't spend $20/sh when slw was, there are some that did! When this thing moves it will move up quickly and within a month they (market makers) can move this stock from 15 to over 20 with no trouble.

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