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  • vacation_here_i_come vacation_here_i_come Jul 28, 2008 5:50 PM Flag

    Beware of Tulving & Co!

    I tried to post about Tulving this morning but I kept getting error messages. My friend and I purchased some american gold eagle coins from The Tulving Co last week. The coins were advertised to be in BU condition. Several of the coins they several shipped were well below BU, 3 were in rough condition and a couple had visible wear on the front of the coin. When I called Tulving about the defective coins, he stated he wouldn't exchange them, called me a liar and slammed the phone in my ear. I am in the process of filing complaints against Tulving, but since the money was wired, I am probably out of luck. I believe Tulving had some legal problems several years ago for defrauding people, but my understanding is that he has been clean since then. Apparently I was wrong about that.

    This may be a good time to update a list of reliable PM dealers. Checking around, and seem to have very good reputations. And a poster on the AUY board recommended Kitco.

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    • I tried to buy gold eagles from Tulving Sept. 18,2008 at about 8:00am cst. Website states open 24/7 and send a e-mail for price quote and lock. Gold was climbing this day, sent a e-mail requesting a price and lock. Response was call us (tulving) at 8:00am pst for a lock, couldn't do it by internet or before 8:00 am pst. Called at 8:00am pst and several times a little later, Just a busy signal. Gold had climbed a substantial amount by this time so just gave up. Appears he doesn't want to sell in a fast climbing market. Will buy elsewhere next time, He wasted my time and essentialy screwed me. Have seen too many other people posting of problems also. Bye-Bye Tulving

    • I have bought from stands out as the best/easiest/timely. KITCO way too high of mark up. Just fyi.

    • dbtunr

      I am repying here as the thread is getting way too long. You did post where you got your grading system, although it was not from a coin site like the ones I provided. At least it was a source. The other claims you made in your other posts were false and I proved them so.

      Tulving's sell page clearly states the coins are BU. The BU/almost uncirculated description is the buy page. And you can argue all day long about the definition of BU, but Tulving himself stated that defective coins are not BU. So he disagrees with you.

      He sold coins that he claimed were BU, not almost uncirculated or any other description. He states that he won't take the coins back because he doesn't deal in coins like that. Therefore, he was either careless in obtaining and selling his inventory or he is lying. Either choice makes him a dealer to avoid.

      When I called Tulving, I wasn't expecting a problem returning the coins. We were only talking about a few coins in a large (220 coin) order. While I was polite in the limited words I got in, as soon as I mentioned a few of the coins were defective, he went into his little tirade and slammed the phone down.

      It was a really foolish business decision. So now, for whatever extra profit he might have made from selling inferior coins as BU, he has an upset customer who is filing complaints against him and posting warnings about his company on message boards. Good companies will look into a customer complaint, determine whether it is legitimate, and try to discover where the problem is in their company. They don't go into a tirade, insult the customer and slam the phone. If he is selling a lot of coins, the likelihood of defective coins getting into his inventory is extremely high. To not even acknowledge the possibility is the sign of a bad business person.

      What he wasn't aware of is that it was the first of several future orders. We will be checking out sites some posters have mentioned, but a former coin dealer likes Coloradogold and another person I trust likes bulliondirect.

    • Actually, I see where you did provide that site. It does not appear to be a coin site, but at least it is a source. And you are definitely as rude as Tulving. Why don't you take your own advice as you seem to be describing yourself.

    • You keep posting things without providing any proof. I keep posting proof. Your turn or do you want to keep posting false information. I have already posted information from two sites that disproves your definitions. Try dealing in some facts for a change.

    • Just so you know

      BU - MS60-62
      Choice BU - MS63
      Select BU - MS64
      Gem BU - MS65+

      Investment grade coins are generally MS65 and above. Anything below that is considered bullion (rare dates and low mintage are exceptions to that rule)

      Most places no longer use those terms as they are replaced with the Sheldon scale. Tulving is an old guy and still uses those terms

      IF he said BU, it was YOUR responsibility to find out exactly what that meant. Our society has degraded to a point were everyone blames everyone else for their mistakes. Take responsibility for your own actions!!!

    • OK try this...did you buy to sell at a $50.00 profit or do you think gold is going to $1500.00 and if so who gives a rats but if you sell at $1500.00 or $ I said said get a grip

    • If you go back to the original post of this thread, I have already posted that he refused to take the coins back. So he has changed his story. I was very polite to him and considering the size of the total order, I really wasn't expecting this to be a big problem. But as soon as I mentioned some of the coins had problems, he just went off on me, did his little rant and slammed the phone down. So far, you haven't been anywhere near as rude as Tulving.

    • Yes... If he said he would buy them back as stated you don't have a bitch up and until you sell them back to him and he changes his the way if you called me I'd tell you PO as well

    • I purchased coins for spot + $39, that Tulving advertised were in BU condition and he also advertised that he would buy the same coins back for spot + $25. Since the coins are not in BU condition, I am out the $25/coin premium I could have gotten had they been in the promised condition.

      Any other questions?

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