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  • larryland50 larryland50 Sep 11, 2008 4:31 PM Flag

    The coming Depression

    With SLW's huge debt and their factories,depending on growth,IMO with the elite taking over, you can kiss any potential profit's in SLW good bye! The world economy is going down the drain, and the U.S. military is taking control! The world economy is S### without the approval of the U.S. Military! And I agree, as a Vet!!

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    • Unfortunately the huge debt of slw, like other companies that has huge debt in this environment; I just hope that Mr. Bernanke will do what he is doing right now to avoid this coming, otherwise depression, of the world economy. Mr. Bernanke has studied this type of situation, and hopefully he will use his brain's to get us out of the mess that, IMO, Mr. Greenspan caused!

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      • That "huge" dollar denominated debt ( less than two years of current production/prices doesnt qualify as huge in my opinion ) will look tiny relative to the silver stream income coming in once the inflationary policy ( already unleashed ) takes a hold of the global markets. SLW will pay off that debt like brushing off a gnat.

        I think Ben and his global counterparts made a "strong" move of only 1/2 of one percent reduction because they know the massive money expansion, already pumped into the system, will rear its inflationary head sooner or later. Rate cuts feed the inflationary monster, make it stronger.

        The 64 trillion dollar question is did Ben/Hank debase the dollar so much that hyperinflation destroys its value, taking much of the worlds reserves/pensions/401ks down with it and lining up a lot of angry creditor countries holding worthless promises.

        IMHO: No matter what the question, gold and silver is the answer.

      • SLW is highly leveraged and if the world economy is going down the drain.................................................................Just pray that Mr. Bernanke will jump start the world economy, otherwise it is doom and gloom for 99% of everyone in the world and also IMO leading to another world war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • As of yesterday, the Fed is now in inflation mode, I am a buyer now. They will bail out the large banks now to avoid a depression. Good decesion, IMO. Alot more money supply of dollars are coming.

    • You must have been Army, or Dept. of the NAVY Marine.

      I disagree!

      Oh boy, I spent 10 years, 2 months, and 19 Days active duty.

      BFD! You can see what a fine cluster buck your fine commander in chimp has done the past 8 years.

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      • The past 8 yrs. are only a part of the mess we're in today. In both the Presidential & Vice Pres. debates the Democrats (and now you)point to the past 8 yrs. as if to assign sole blame on our current administration & it's policies.
        Don't get me wrong, they share some of the blame. I just caution you to be a little more far-sighted & openminded. If you look back on this board someone recently posted a story that outlined how the Clinton administration expanded the subprime lending policies.
        This situation reminds me of a scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure - the one where he's doing tricks on his bike while coasting along. That would be the slick willy era. Then when Pee Wee takes his eyes off the road, hits the curb & flips over the handlebars, would be your commander in chimp era.

      • Hey Silver,

        I like that "Commander in Chimp" !! Beats the hell out of my "Chimp n' Cheney - the Fear Monkeys" phrase.

        The US military will never "take over the world". Who will pay them when the USD is toast and nobody wants to buy our debt?? Look what happened to the USSR military when their ruble became worthless.

        Hell, the "Commander in Chimp" didn't even give our men and women in uniform adequate supplies, medical care or armored vehicles in Iraq. All the money went to those mercenary scum from Blackwater and Halliburton (so the Chimp could avoid the angst of another draft and keep his "Big Money" boys in the chips).

        Our Founding Fathers would be disgusted with what we have allowed to happen to our country.

        Dr. Joe

      • U.S. Navy, LPH-7 USS Guadalcanal, 1973-1975. I do not care if I have zero in the bank, I will fight and serve for the U.S Navy, for my country, just like Mr. McCain. He sacrificed for America in that Communist prison and I just hope he will never sell out to any special interest's, in his run for President!

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