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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Jan 5, 2009 6:02 PM Flag

    No Post about biggest story of day -$USD

    Found an article, it seems the fails to deliver have been happening for a while and todays news was more about legislation to penalized those who do not deliver.

    Normally 165 billion is average no delivery, now its at 865 billion.

    I'm not sure how this isn't making the market cringe all over, almost 1 trillion not being delivered and 5 trillion at peak.

    I can theorize, legislation is spooking the market straight, so that the dollar will behave more like it should because those pretending to have treasuries for sale and helping to stabilize the dollar, indirectly/directly, can not pretend to have treasuries for sale anymore.

    Maybe my bias is wanting to see something here, when nothing is there.

    we'll see

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    • Why this is so troubling to me, is that for the last few months everyone has been running to the safety of treasuries, but does CNBC or anyone else for that matter report how big the fails to deliver are?? Noop, no news at all.

      When legislation is being proposed, all fo a sudden the news is getting attention.

    • chemaes,
      remember your own words about the market.(Paraphrasing loosely) A lot of the time news is released & you get the exact opposite response one would expect...

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      • I just started a little diggin of my own & the first story I came across was a summary of global economic events;
        -First trading day of 2009 in China was met with reassurance from their gov't. that it is commited to shoring up its economy. PM's take a serious dive as Hong Kong ends its day
        -German Chancelor announced an additional stimulus package of 50 billion to the current 23 billion
        -not as negative as expected economic report out of U.S. today

        I can see some reasons for the dollar holding its own this afternoon.

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