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  • newscentral2002 newscentral2002 Jan 31, 2009 2:48 PM Flag

    Chemaes and others

    I wonder if it possible to get a private member Yahoo board. Anyone could join, but a list of members by ID are known to all other members. Off topic discussions and advice on SLW or anything could be posted. The difference would be that the whole world would not be reading our more private thoughts and discussions. I heard once that Yahoo allows this. Someone who is computer savy and has time could manage the site. I'm sure that many of us posting here would want to join from all walks of life. We have a family here, and to be able to share freely would be nice.

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    • Another idea is to open a Yahoo Group and you can have the flexibility to ban people as well as be able to moderate a group discussion. People will get emails on discussions so that they won't miss out any important information. I was a moderator for one of the Yahoo anime groups before and there's quite a bit of flexibility with the Yahoo group because it's like a special group in itself. Everyone needs to sign in in order to post as well.

    • I would love to be included in a private board as well. I don't currently own any SLW, but hope to be back in soon as I'm bullish long term. It would be nice to have intelligent discussions on the topic without those who simply pump and bash with no thoughts behind it. I've always liked the google groups layout better than the yahoo groups. There sure seems to be a lot of opportunity in the market right now, but with volatility timing is everything.

    • I would love to be included in this group as well.

    • I would love to be included! I have stated recently that the best postings in PM are on this board. I've wondered about the gathering of minds that have been attracted to SLW and what that might mean, it seems common interests have met up with some uncommon intelligence and something good might be ahead - so please put me on the invite list and I'll do my best to be a worthy participant:)

    • Well I guess it's time for me to say something about this.

      I really don't want to talk about this, because it's such a difficult topic.

      I suppose News is one of the most respected "elderly" here. That's why I am a little surprised that he actually wanted to organize a little chat group. I thought that's the kind of thing for the hot young blood to do.

      I was a hot young blood once, got into trading in 1998. I met some interesting guys, and later a bunch of us organized a private chat group. It felt so good, we were like ronins taking care of each other. But like everything else we grew apart and the group died with the internet bubble. That's why I like Elliot wave theory. I never really knew the theory until this past week my girl friend visited me and I bought it as a gift for her. However, I think I ended up viewing this dvd for 2 hours, and my girl friend probably will never watch it let alone understanding it. I really fell in love with elliot wave when he applied the theory to the analysis of the popularity of Martha Stewart. The beauty of elliot wave is that it doesn't pretend to hold the truth, it only explains the natural phenomenon. Now it is a natural phenomenon all things grow, peak, and then die. The organization of this group will push us closer and grow some friendship, and then peak and eventually something will happen and we will go into a death phase. I am not so sure I'm prepared for another journey like this.

      This is why we buddhist talked about keeping a even keel. Not too much attachments. Yahoo board is open, you come freely and you go freely as well. So you leave a little piece of yourself in the threads, but it disappears in a few days, and so on and so forth.

      I suppose I can join if someone drags me into it with the right expectation. But I'm also perfectly happy to just drift alone in yahoo board as single ronin.

    • As a long time holder of SLW as well I'd like to be invited to the new forum.

      Thank you for your consideration.

    • I also would like to join the board, if possible. Thanks

    • Well as I am a newbie to this board I am sure I won't get a invite to the private board(not much to offer) but I have enjoyed the insight into the world of PM. maybe some of you can find time to copy\paste some help for the rest of us.

    • I'm all for it. By invitation only.
      I hope that I would be invited.

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      • I just checked out the preliminary steps to see what is involved.

        first, you characterize your group in the taxonomy that Yahoo already would be:

        Business & Finance > Investments > Sectors > Basic Materials > Gold and Silver

        Or, if the majority wants, we could make it more general, there are lots of choices.

        Then you pick some key parameters for the group.

        1) Group Name
        2) Group email address (i.e.
        3) Describe your group (2000 characters)

        I didn't go through with it, because I didn't feel presumptious enough to pick that stuff on my own. We ought to talk about it if we are serious.

    • If you're interested in being selective, why not start a Yahoo Group. There are different levels of privacy that you can choose, including I believe "by an invite only" option. It's easy to do, just go to the YAHOO main page, look up GROUPS, click on START A GROUP, click on whatever preferences you wish, and voila! You can also do this with GOOGLE GROUPS.

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