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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 21, 2009 5:23 PM Flag

    What we learned Monday

    We got a pop, when the market looked cheesy. It wasn't much, and it didn't hold, as many actually believe the Depression of 2007-2015 will turn a corner they can identify just by declining employment rates of unemployment, or the alleged slowing of decreases in the value of your house.

    Those are deflection points, but no reason to bid up the market 25%.

    Geitners's stress test will have the credibility of a virgin in a whorehouse if it's too sweet, and blast the market to shreds if it is too honest about bank insolvancy.

    Do we really think the goldilocks solution, just right, is in the offing? This is a cancer patient rallying just before the demise.

    Right now, the fickle are about to get a lesson in bottom fishing, sometimes you roil up some pretty foul and lethan bugs that inhabit the bottom of the pond, little ameobic wonders that will eat you alive.

    That's what is the set up in my mumblin opinion. But I am not sure, which is why I hedge with covered calls against my shares, and hold the proceeds like dry ammo to take advantage of hedge fund shenannigans and silly seasonal madness.

    It's not for everybody, but it sure makes my life a little better. God I'm wrung out from daytrading today. I call it hedged position take off and get a life appreciation day.

    Woof, the dog just left the room on account of the smell. I could single handedly root out the Al_Kaida in caves simply by showing up.

    They'd give up in a heartbeat.

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