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  • jawz_2020 jawz_2020 Oct 1, 2009 11:07 AM Flag

    Bulli$h Ca$e for $ilver & SLW pt 1

    Beware another {15%} stop tour

    I started this thread, "Bulli$h ca$e for $ilver & SLW" the day after the previous STOP TOUR on Mon 21 Sept taking SLW to 10.57 after a gap down open, over by the end of lunch time.

    The sideways meandering price since then has taken all the Oct options lower, both calls and the $10 puts as well.

    imho, Accumulate on the next stop tour . . .

    If you look at most any chart, there's almost always a "dip" downward before a price moves HIGHER to the next level.

    I call it a "stop tour" - MMs run the pps lower to trigger as many stop loss orders as they can to replenish their inventories so they have plenty of shares to sell to the traders who chase upward momentum.

    WHEN the MMs manipulate the price lower on a downward spike

    - last time, Mon 21 Sept, the MMs walked SLW down <15%> from the open and had the price back to the previous close before lunch was over -

    in order to accumulate shares before the next move higher,

    for example, if the price of SLW was $12.50 before the "stop tour" starts,

    then <15%> from $12.50 would take the price down <$1.875> to

    $10.625 < < < (example starting from $12.50)

    Of course the price LoW depends on what the price is BEFORE the stop tour starts, so that's just an example.

    That will clean out all the retards still using stop loss orders who failed to comprehend the lesson of the LA$T stop tour:


    WHEN (not "if") the stop tour happens,
    you can scoop up Dec Calls & stock at a big di$count.

    BTW, the "HAMMER" candlestick formed on the previous stop tour, Mon 21 Sept, marks the price floor at the intra-day low, which was $10.57

    So, the example of 10.62 is fairly accurate imho;
    the stop tour should not go lower than the hammer low of 10.57

    we would then have a "double bottom" formation heralding a move higher . . .

    Chart: 3 mo RSI, ADX BBs
    http://tinyurl .com/lkj2nc

    btw, american bulls dot com put out 29 Sept a BUY rec on SLW when it was $11.78

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