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  • jawz_2020 jawz_2020 Sep 22, 2009 1:20 PM Flag

    Bulli$h Ca$e for $ilver & SLW pt 1

    "The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold."
    - Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman

    BULLISH case for SILVER going forward has many reasonable argument$.

    (to make LINKS hot, copy & paste into your URL browser address line, then remove the "spce" before the "dot" preceding "com")

    {"if you bought the S&P 500 on December 31, 1999
    you're down 50%, in terms of U.S. dollars."
    And next to gold, the comparison is even worse,
    "you're down 79% in the last 10 years."}
    http://tinyurl .com/o85afh

    Silver's outperformance over Gold bodes well when Gold breaks out

    Despite the hoopla last week over Gold @ $1000,
    when you view Gold price against the USD Index, we have not yet broken over March '08 resistance at around 14 or so...
    http://tinyurl .com/lmfe2l


    "Even with gold above $1000, silver has more luster"
    at (Tue, Sep 8) http://tinyurl .com/msrvay

    {"...silver has the potential to move even more than gold percentage-wise, and at a faster rate."} - from
    "The Rise of the Silver Surfer" by J M Brown May 22, 2009
    http://tinyurl .com/q9kucn

    Silver's outperformance over Gold bodes well once Gold truly breaks out, as measured vs the U$ Dollar

    Silver has already outperformed gold by 3 to 1

    Silver peaked last Thrs just before lunch:

    but its roaring back Monday 21 Sept while the markets tank, gaining percentage-wise more than ANYTHING El$E,%5EDJI

    imho, if the broader markets continue lower, PMs should dissocioate from their linkage in following the market higher, bounce, and head to new highs as folks flee to safety - but this is just my opinion.

    Despite the hoopla last week mover Gold'$ "beakout"

    It Appears GOLD & SILVER will head higher no matter what the broader markets do; ie, BOTH MARKET BULLS & BEARS ARE CALLING FOR A GOLD BREAKOUT!

    Trader Mike Swanson believes we are in a new Bull market, yet he is projecting Gold to go muchhigher.

    Trader Mike (a bull) GOLD's true breakout is not far off:

    >> "Gold at $1000: Next hot rally to $1300-1700 level" <<
    by Mike Swanson @ Commodity Online 8 Sept 09
    http://tinyurl .com/o9lo4t

    The Stock Market Going Forward & Gold Breaks 1000 - Mike Swanson (09/16/09) by Mike Swanson on Wed, 2009-09-16 06:04.
    http://www.wallstreetwindow .com/content/node/11687 <<<

    In the other camp, the BEARS are ALSO calling for GOLD to breakout:

    "The Gold / Dollar Tsunami" by John Mangun Thursday, 17 Sept 2009
    http://tinyurl .com/mvddyf

    "Gold Is Money" by Greg Canavan
    http://www.lewrockwell .com/orig10/canavan1.1.1.html

    Adam Hamilton @ Zeal LLC shows that EVEN @ $1000, GOLD IS ONLY 43% OF THE WAY TO ITS INFALTION-ADJUSTED ALLTIME HIGH !!

    Real Gold Highs 3 by Adam Hamilton September 18, 2009
    http://zealllc .com/2009/cpigold3.htm


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    • BUY RIMM !!

    • Check out this silver play, czicf, 221 grams per ton , the old hunt bros mine in nwt

    • Bulli$h Ca$e for $ilver & SLW pt 9

      $SILVER @ $19.40 \ SLWAG.x Up +100% in 2 day$!

      $ilver above $19 for 2 day$! Wed 2 Dec, Silver hit $19.40 <<

      Mon 30 Nov, the SLW Jan $18 Call SLWAG.x was @ 0.55 <<<
      Wed 2 Dec, SLWAG.x hit a high of $1.15 <<<

      +SLWAG Up +100% in 2 day$ as of Wed am 2 Dec!

      SLW Jan $18 Call SLWAG.x hit a high ye$terday, 1 Dec, of $0.92, up from a low
      Monday of 0.55, closed @ 0.60. From .60 to .90 was up +50% 1 DAY YE$TERDAY!!

      R U getting any of this FREE MONEY? huh ??



      Place cursor on bottom right corner to ENLARGE CHART by Terence Chan
      http://tinyurl .com/yhk78lz

      (copy & remove "space" b4 "dot")

      Clive Maund's TA on Silver also sounds a bearish warning that silver could pull
      back: "Silver Market Update" by Clive Maund 30 Nov 09


      "4 Reasons Why Silver Will Outperform Gold" by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis 2 Dec 09

      NY POST 29 Nov 09
      "Hi ho silver, up and away: Other white metal appears set for a gallop" by JAMES
      ALTUCHER Last Updated: 2:20 AM, December 1, 2009
      http://tinyurl .com/yzksd75

      (copy & remove "space" b4 "dot")

      "Why Silver's Breakout Could Bring It Out of Gold’s Shadow"
      http://tinyurl .com/y8cfudt

      "Silver Prices Likely to Hit New Highs in 2010" by Marc Davis
      http://tinyurl .com/ykh4sj3

      "No slowdown in silver demand" 19 Nov 2009
      http://tinyurl .com/ykvn3jr

      "Silver Uses in Industry" 12 Nov 08

      Google results for "silver uses in industry":
      http://tinyurl .com/yhb6gct

      "Peter Grandich: Silver's Turn to Shine"
      by The Gold Report and Peter Grandich, 1 December, 2009

      "Gold ETF Impact 5" (Re: the etf GLD) by Adam Hamilton 20 Nov 09 3030 Words

      "Gold Stock Popularity" by Scott Wright 27 Nov 09, 2862 Words

      • 2 Replies to jawz_2020
      • Bulli$h Ca$e for $ilver & SLW, part 10

        (Note: for all tinyURLs below,
        copy & paste URL, then remove "space" b4 "dot" )

        cf. SLW v$ SLV & competitors

        SLV ishares Silver ETF V$ SLW Silver Wheaton

        AVOID THE SILVER ETF "SLV" because SLW far outperforms it.

        Just look at the charts:

        1 Year: SLW from 3.77 - 17.45 Hi, up +362%,
        outperforming SLV by 200% & the DOW by 300%

        SLV from 2 Jan @ 11.50 to 17.50, Up +52%
        http://tinyurl .com/ygz8fnh

        SLW from 2 Jan @ 6.75 to 15.50, Up +130% = 2.5x SLV
        http://tinyurl .com/kl37ug

        SLW, the largest producer of silver with a fixed cost of $3.90 per ounce to make one troy ounce of silver bullion has gained two and a half times more than SLV, the silver ETF.

        SLW is superior to the etf SLV for many other reasons as well.
        Silver Wheaton: the SAFE alternative to SLV http://tinyurl .com/yzgb749

        “Your ETF-silver is For Sale” http://tinyurl .com/nvkmtz

      • $GOLD up +200% v$ the DOW: <5%> pa$t 10 year$

        Proof that $tock$ have underperformed aby$mally compared to gold!

        check out the "mu$t $ee" graphs in the article below,
        $howing the DOW has LO$T 5% over the past decade,
        (from 11,000 to 10,450).

        Adju$ted for inflation, the DOW has lost <13.4%> ANNUALLY cf to gold,
        while gold has gone from $300 to almost $1200, up $900 or +200%

        "The United States Lost Decade & Gold"
        by Michael Kilbach, Nov 27 2009 9:52 AM << CLICK!! <<<

        The whole point of $AVING is to build a RE$ERVE OF VALUE to trade for needed/wanted goods in the future.

        Compared V$ Gold, the US Dollar has LO$T <79%> of its value since 1979

        Obviously SAVING U$ DOLLAR$ is NOT the weay to $AVE VALUE!

        Anybody that wants to $AVE VALUE for the FUTURE needs to acquire PRECIOU$ METAL$ (pm) - GOLD & $ILVER - as THE BE$T MEAN$ PROVEN BY HI$TORY TO TRULY $AVE & GROW VALUE.


    • National Debt Now Tops $12 Trillion http://tinyurl .com/yg37epa

      The FIAT Dullar is DOOMED!

      LATE$T GREATE$T ARTICLES ON $ILVER & The Gold:Silver ratio:

      "Silver prices will hit new highs in 2010" Mon 16 Nov 09
      http://tinyurl .com/yjns7uw
      The prospect of a surge in industrial demand, buoyed by investment could see silver reaching as high as $25 per ounce say analysts at CPM Group.


      Silver Cycles, Silver-to-Gold Ratio, and the USD Index Analysis
      By: Przemyslaw Radomski 17 Nov 09

      Chinese investors pushing up gold, silver prices 19 Nov 09
      http://tinyurl .com/yahdje2

      Got Gold Report: COMEX commercial shorts in retreat for silver
      11/17/2009 11:38:11 AM | Gene Arensberg
      http://tinyurl .com/yzdgarn

      Silver price surge => Comex limits 18-Nov-09
      http://tinyurl .com/yg2mu6v

      Position limits expected to be enforced according to the video.
      Fuels speculation silver prices are shooting up due to demand for delivery against naked shorts.

      Silver is more rare than gold; Will be extinct by 2020.
      Interview with Adrian Douglas http://tinyurl .com/yg2mu6v


      The gold conspiracy world is a buzz with recent articles from Rob Kirby about tungsten bars that were plated with gold. According to Kirby's sources 1.3M-1.5M these 400oz bars currently reside in Fort Knox as well as have been sold into the global gold markets over the past 15-20 years. The article can be found here:

      Fake Gold portends Silver Explosion! by Bix Weir Wed 18 Nov 09


      "MELT THE WITCH …swap all your Gold for Silver!"

      (25 Rea$on$ to own PHY$ICAL $ILVER BULLION)


      The Great Silver Mystery (& the greatest secret of all time!)
      by Bix Weir

    • $wing Out of SLWLE for 400% 2 wk Gain

      Silver Wheaton is obeying jawz' prognostication to hit $16 before Thanksgiving!

      SLW is NOW @ its intraday Hi @ 15.90 & about to go higher $till

      Since the SLW Dec $16 call SLWLE is back to $1.00, I'd take the money & run!

      The SLW Dec $16 Call SLWLE hit $1.00 thi$ am, and is back @ $1 NOW!

      A$K i$ NOW again $1.05, last @ 1.00

      a good day to ca$h in imho, but then I thought that Fri 13 Nov

    • Here's a way to double or triple your money while you're waiting for SLW to retrace a bit so you can re-buy the SLW call$:

      BUY the FXE Jan $130 PUT FNKMZ.x for a NICKLE; its been going for a nickle inside a .05 - .10 range for 3 days now. If you buy for a nickle hits, place a GTC sell @ 1 dime or .15.

      I've posted about FXE/ FNKMZ.x here in this thread before, but the Yah-puke censors seem to have deleted it.

      FXE is the Rydex Euro shares Currency Trust ETF

      On 5 Oct, I read a piece at http://www.stockgumshoe .com that reviewed a claim
      that several billionaires were plotting to take down the EURO, pointing to the
      huge open interest in the Jan $130 PUTs as evidence. Here's the story:
      http://tinyurl .com/ye5bxrm

      Regardless of WHY, there is indeed a HUGE open interest on FNKMZ.x;
      I figured I'd "follow the money" and get some Jan $130 puts my$elf.

      I have bought some for .20 & .15 previously and sold most of them @ 0.30 a
      couple weeks ago. I'm not holding for expiration - in my experience its best to
      close out options positions at least 3 weeks before expiration, when the time
      decay starts killing the price. I'm just flipping the options for a 100% or 200%
      gain. The highest FNKMZ.x ever got was .35 one day, when FXE was down to $146.18
      a couple weeks ago.

      3 mo RSI, ADX http://tinyurl .com/yj2j97v

      I placed a GTC BUY for a NICKLE a week ago that finally hit on the Vet Day
      holiday soon after the open when FXE was above $150.;range=5d

      I have been unable to post much lately due to my laptop compouter being off for
      repairs, and my computer access has been very limited.

      I posted a month ago to play the EURO falling by buying the Jan $130 puts
      FNKMZ.x While FXE was up

      FXE tanked Thr 12 Nov, after my buy executed first thing 11 Nov am & thery're still going for .05 today, 13 Nov.;range=5d

      FNKMZ.x has gone for a NICKLE both Wed 11 Nov & Thr 12 Nov;
      it closed @ 0.10 - so, I'm already up +100% on the$e FXE put$!
      I've got a GTC SELL FNKMZ.x @ 0.15

      The open interest on these $130 Jan put$ is HUGE! over 74,000 !
      cf: any other strike price for Jan options:

      16 Oct 09 Open Interest: on 16 Oct was @ 74,496 <<<
      12 Nov Volume: 1,985 with Open Interest@ 74,194 <<<

      After watching FNKMZ.x for almost a month now, the open interest is almost the
      same; therefore, the nearly 2,000 contracts traded daily are mostly swing
      traders imho, since the cumulative opoen interest has stayed about the same:

      74 k FNKMZ PUTS ON 7,449,600 (7.5 million) shares FXE !!

      exit stategy:

      when FNKMZ hits .15, I'll be up +200%
      Then I'll sell most of the FNKMZ puts @ 0.15, and
      I'll hold a few for more free money if FXE retraces back near $146.

      read: "Dark Days For The Euro Zone"
      http://tinyurl .com/yh9l49r

      Re: SLW / SLWLE.x

      btw, I'm still VERY bullish on both silver & SLW,
      but I currently have no position in the SLW Dec $16 Calls.
      I sold too early @ 0.65 before they ran up to 0.85
      I'm now waiting for the calls to go lower to buy some again.

      If I had been able to get to a computer I coulds bought SLWLE.x for .50 early
      this week & sold @ 0.75 for a free money +50% gain -
      but I had no access at the time they were going for .50-.55

    • SLW: $wing Out ($ell) SLWLE @ 0.80 for +300% 2 week gain

      a couple weeks ago i was pounding the table, jumping up & down, $CREAMING to BUY SLWLE while it was 0.15 - .20

      Re: SLW Dec $16 Call$ for 0.15 (Oct 28-29)

      Re: SLW: Incredible BUY Opp on Dec $16 Call SLWLE.x for .20 NOW NOW NOW! (30 Oct 09)

      If U haven't already, its time to take the money & wait for another buy opportunity (when the price of SLW is somewhere closer to the lower bolinger band or when RSI is below 50)

      The SLW Dec $16 Call SLWLE.x has been .80 -.85 for several days now;

      @.80 from .20 ba$i$, U have a +300% FREE MONEY GAIN in only 2 week$!

      If U got SLWLE for .15, then you can sell @ .75 and still have a +400% GAIN !!

      Remember: "Only your net worth $uffer$ when U ignore jawz_2020."

      SLW hit $15.50 on 11 Nov 09 & is over $15 today

      BEHOLD! I TOLD ALL Y'ALL that SLW would be $16 by Thanksgiving! It WILL be!

      SLW is near the upper Bolinger Band & could retrace,
      Chart: 3 mo RSI, ADX BBs http://tinyurl .com/lkj2nc

      so I would lock in gains from SLWLE if U have not already, & hold some cash to re-enter SLWLE lower.

      I would close out any open positions today, Fri 13 Nov.

      $ure SLW could go higher next week, but it could also retrace this close to the upper bolinger band.

      If SLW does not retrace within a week, look at the calls further out beyond December, as the Dec options expire 19 Dec.

      The way to play Silver Wheaton or a stock you know will go up is to BUY CALL option$.

      It ain't rocker $cience, fan$:

      why buy the stock for a $2 gain from $13 when you can buy the CALL and make 200%, 300% or 400% in the same period of time?

      huh ??

      No fancy options strategies required; just buy the CALL$ instead of shares of the stock; pay attention to chart T.A. & sell when the astock looks to be at a high (like now).

      When SLW is BELOW the midline between the two bolinger bands (preferably near the bottom band, if that ever happens, but don't wait for that) BUY the CALLs with next strike price higher than the current price of the stock SLW, having an expiration about 2 months out. Plan to sell at a high a month or 3 weeks before they expire.


      Eg: @ Ameritrade & all other borkers, IN ADDITION to the regular commi$$ion ($ay, $10) there is a FEE of $0.75 PER CONTRACT.

      $o, if you wanna trade 50 contracts (like 50 SLWLE),
      @ Ameriturd, a round trip trade co$t$ $95 <<<<<<<<
      wherea$ @ optionshouse, its only $20 <<<(ZERO CONTRACT FEE!)
      You save $75 on EACH TRADE on a lot of 50 contracts.

      http://www.optionshouse .com

    • here's your weekend reading:

      (copy URL links, then remove "space" b4 "dot" in URL)

      "Forget 11,000, Dow Heading for 6000 and GE Still a Short," Charles Ortel Says - http://tinyurl .com/ya7rqrz

      "America Is An Over-Indebted, Profligate, Spoiled Nation In Decline"
      http://tinyurl .com/ykbgnyc

      "Gold Market Reaching The Breaking Point" By Eric_deCarbonnel 5 Nov 09

      http://www.marketoracle <<< A MUST READ!!

      Yves Smith: Roubini Predicts “Mother of All Carry Trade Unwinds (11/03) http://tinyurl .com/yzeaj2c

      Charles Hugh Smith: The Crash of 2008: It’s the Panic of 1825 All Over Again (11/09) http://tinyurl .com/yjbaqqf

      Michael Nystrom: The Dollar Meltdown – Review (11/11)
      http://www.bullnotbull .com/archive/the-dollar-meltdown-review.html

      Tom Raum: US Risks Following Japan’s Example of Stagnancy (11/13)
      http://tinyurl .com/yk9jwm5

      scroll down to the CURRENT LINKS OF INTEREST to commentaries @
      http://www.fiendbear .com/

      • 1 Reply to jawz_2020
      • Wi$e Men $ee the Top
        of the current bull inside a secular bear;

        IOf you can not $ee it, it$ only because you're $tanding on it!

        Re: Forget 11,000, Dow Heading for 6000

        "this rally that has climbed 56% from 6,600 to 10,300 with hardly a breather is long in the tooth."

        more weekend reading FYI:

        Are Stocks Making a Major Top? by Chris Ciovaco 13 Nov 09
        http://tinyurl .com/yb95aau <<< MUST SEE CHART$ !

        Are Markets Headed for an 800-Point Blow-Off Day? by Joseph Shaefer 12 Nov 09
        http://tinyurl .com/yh6cwmz

        above reports views of Bob Howard, the editor of Positive Patterns,one of the few people who told his clients to sell everything in September of 2008 and to buy back in March 2009.

        Includes best sectors & specific PICK$ to BUY AFTER the blow-off.

        "In his own words, from yesterday’s e-letter:

        So where the HECK can we make money here?

        Gold stocks should do well.

        Energy stocks should do well.

        Agriculture stocks should do well.

        RR stocks should do well. Uncle Warren says that his BNI trains can haul 1 ton of coal 460 miles on one gallon of diesel. If you can convince yourself that he did NOT buy BNI for the coal angle - then you probably think OJ is innocent, and that the recent 3.5% GDP was real, and that elephant you see in the room of America is just a mirage and you can wish it away.

        Bob’s projections at the macro level for where we stand today:

        Stock Market Next Few Years? Sideways, back and forth - in a range - downside at most 30% - worst case 35% from here - or 10 to 15% upside from here - absolute tops - hard to get much above that.

        Best Performing Index Next 5 Years? I would expect that to be the Nasdaq and... the Russell 2000.

        Best Groups To Own For The Next Few Years? DEFENSIVE STOCKS THAT ARE ON OFFENSE!!! Tobacco, Food, Ag, Pipelines, Some Foreign/Big, Canadian Stocks, Gold Stocks, Energy, Apartments, Some Banks, Some selected asset plays, Internet Content Providers/Digital Sellers of VALUABLE Content, Water Plays, and a few special situations.

        Finally, regular readers already know my favorite picks in these sectors, and can review past articles at their leisure. But here are a few that Bob Howard recommends that I have not: Balchem Corp. (BCPC), Barclays Capital Convertible Bond ETF (CWB), Central Fund of Canada (CEF), Seaboard Corp. (SEB), Trustmark (TRMK), WebMD Health Corp. (WBMD), John Wiley (JW.A), Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings (CME), Elbit Systems (ESLT), EOG Resources (EOG), SunTrust Banks (STI), Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA), Nestle (NSRGY.PK), Philip Morris International (PM), Roche (RHHBY.PK), and Syngenta (SYT). I’m reviewing them currently and present them for your consideration, as well.

        Personally, I hope Bob is right and that there might be / will be a whopper of a blowoff day. It would be a far clearer signal that it’s time to cool our jets for a while than the slow drifting-sideways end I fear may happen. And clarity is something we can all use a little more of in times like these…"

        Will We Finish the Week Over Target Levels? by Philip Davis 13 Nov
        http://tinyurl .com/ygfab8f

        The home page at SEEKING ALPHA features links to several articles on the U$D stuation that you may want to peruse:

        Ongoing Debate: Buck Up the USD or Let It Slide?
        News from: WSJ

        Understanding the Dollar Debate by Jeff Miller

        U.S. Dollar: Time for Deeds, Not Words by David Merkel

        Exchange Rate Manipulation: Beggar My Neighbor, Or Myself?
        by Bob McTeer

        Zero Interest Rates Can't Last Forever. Then What?
        by The Housing Time Bomb

        http://seekingalpha .com/

    • Re: US Dumps U$D for SDR, Silver to Soar

      PM price manipulation cannot be maitained

      The pent up demand for PM will soon make it impossible for the central gov't
      manipulators to succeed in continuing to hold down the price of gold & silver.

      Thety are exactly the same position as the little Durtch boy with his finger in
      the dike, trying to stop the impending flood from the dike collapsing due to the
      enormous & increasing pre$$ure.

      Mineweb reports that the gold market is an accident waiting to happen.

      "Is your gold really there?"
      Continuing doubts are being expressed that all the gold claimed to be held by
      Central Banks and others may not be there, or title is being held by several
      parties as the statistics just don't appear to add up.
      http://tinyurl .com/yejyt3h

      Monday, October 19, 2009 http://tinyurl .com/y9cvtt5
      Skepticism About Gold Reserves Is Spreading by Eric deCarbonnel

      The crux of the on-going manipulation:

      massive buying in Hong Kong (China) offset by massive SHORTING by COMEX

      "What is really scary about gold breaking the $1000 barrier is that it happened
      in the face of a flood short selling in US futures markets. So while gold was
      being driven up by Hong Kong buying, it has also been getting killed by
      unrelenting selling during COMEX hours. As can be seen in the chart below, the
      quantity of COMEX gold futures contracts has begun spiraling out of control
      since the end of August." (see charts in story)

      Yet, "Investors emptying COMEX warehouses"

      In order to secure gold at the lowest possible price, US investors are turning
      to the complex, lengthy process of taking delivery of gold futures contracts. By
      buying gold contracts in deliverable months and wait for them to expire,
      sophisticated investors are emptying COMEX warehouses. The incredible hassle of
      trying to pry gold out of Comex warehouses appeals to investors because no other
      place in the US offers a price equal to the Comex exchange. Nothing even comes

      Guiding investors through the delivery process are gold and silver brokers like
      JB Slear who specialize in helping high net worth clients take delivery of gold
      and silver futures contracts. These advisors are necessary because, as investors
      are discovering, that there is trouble at Comex warehouses:

      1) Delays and complications in the delivery process have become increasingly
      commonplace. It is taking weeks and possibly even months, and sometimes dozen of
      inquiries, for investors to get the gold they already own out of the warehouse.

      2) More restrictions are being applied to overseas buyers requesting delivery.

      3) Some brokerages will not help with the delivery process or refuse to help
      even after the commissions are paid.

      4) The cost in just about everything "Comex" is increasing

      5) Investors withdrawing their 100oz. bars from the Comex depositories are being
      given bars with incorrect serial numbers or weight.

      With the difficulties and irregularities in the COMEX delivery process, many,
      including gold brokers like JB Slear, have doubts as to whether there is gold in
      inventory to match existing warehouse receipts.

      Be sure to click on all the hot links (phrases in BLUE) in the text to see more
      charts, graphs & footnotes @

      "Gold Market Reaching The Breaking Point" By Eric_deCarbonnel
      Nov 05, 2009 - 09:38 PM Commodities / Gold & Silver 2009

      http://www.marketoracle <<< A MUST READ!!

    • Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) is the undisputed star of the silver screen.

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