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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Oct 1, 2009 11:34 PM Flag

    $16.87 December Silver

    If silver can close tomorrow, for whatever reason, at or over $16.87 I think gold will be pushing upward and onward over $1033 and silver will explode.

    The next day or two will be very pivotal, if I see that it looks like silver's December contract will close above this amount, I believe there's enough steam for gold and silver to make some noise.


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    • Well thank you Chemaes for vouching for me. I haven't been to the board for a long time - thought I'd just check in. Hope you're well. I'm still long silver and gold and a diehard PM fan.

    • Silver is at $16.91 now. Chances for a close over $16.87 tomorrow are looking very good. Something tells me that tomorrow or Wednesday would be the day gold crosses $1033.90. Silver could then run to 18 in a matter of hours.

      GL to longs

    • We're within 20 pennies, so please adjust your time horizen to--this week?

    • FYI, we don't respond to basher drivel, at all. We one star all non functional posts in the order of "You're going down, you stink, you're all losers" and all other diatribes that generally don't have anything to do with the general eco, the POS, the price of SLW, gold, etc, or are sham posts that look functional, but are spam, like those that lead you to stockfartdotcom, which are getting more sophisticated. We url articles or quote directly, I sometimes will publish an AP/DJ/relevant article and edit it to within 4000 characters by removing verbosity, something I did for a living in another life.

      We have functional people, we have chartists, this is a great board.

    • Well dick, you happened into a pretty decent board. Many of us have been on this board for 3 to 5 years. And, after reading each others posts over all these years, we've come to understand, appreciate and respect each others opinions and views.

      For the most part, even the shorts like bush and maypo have earned a little respect here.

      So for the record, I'll vouch for Tom, YDM, ballhead, smg, dbtunr, Hbrown, all4reel, newscentral, rebecca, maclover, patriot and a few others who've been here for at least 2 years, but many more since the beginning.

      Good trading to you

    • yeah I'm a little sensitive because the way you started your gag mirrors bashers who infect other boards with multi drivel, and this board is bereft of those guys.

      About the worst thing we have here is stockmarket.cum, which is using more lifelike blats to suck you into their website.

      One star those MF'ers and join us in scratching them from the board.

    • I will, now, quit being an a$$hole, and provide us the reason why we shouldn't ignore you, since you haven't googled anybody here obviously, to figure out for yourself,WTF.

    • Why?


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      • Long term US 30 year bond prices broke upward yesterday in a significant way, with yields collapsing.

        I'm of the view that anytime increased flight to safety picks up (such as the increased buying of the 30 year bonds) then gold/silver should experience some increased buying as well, since folks are looking at the US as being more and more insolvent everyday.

        I think bernanke must of said something about the US solvency yesterday, haven't had time to look it might, just scanning charts last night.

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