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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jan 19, 2010 9:11 PM Flag

    Market Surges on the Blood of the Uninsured

    With Kennedy's seat in jeapardy, the wonder Christian right dumped all their money into health stocks now that the dead bodies of the unisured poor guarenteed the death of health reform.

    Maybe we can funnel more money into banks so they don't lend to joesixpac and heal the real economy, or maybe we can start a war with Bolivia.

    They haven't attacked us yet, but you never know.

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    • All current plans, including the VA plan (and Medicare) work because the research and development and advancement are sponsored by the other 60% of us still using the free market (I realize my percentage may be too high). In other words, SOMEBODY has to pay the doctors and researches enough for their efforts. I hope we do not get to see what happens when the government controls all of it.

      Unless one is content with freezing the state of the medical art where it is and a shrinking pool of doctors.

    • I think I just had trouble understanding your view, which does not happen often. Since I read your post wrong, I apologize, YDM.

    • as a hard working openly-straight white CRAMERican i am proud to say i own slw.

    • Just because I don't own any SLW doesn't make me no bad girl!
      or stupid.................

    • Piece appeared (exactly as [posted) in the WSJournal somewhere in mid-November. I saw it and read it..well kinda read it...quickly.

    • Pass the bottle, and wipe the spit off when you pass it around.

    • Thanks grasshopper, but any more cut and paste there, and the keys of your keyboard will stick together.

      I once quoted a McCartney song doesn't make me Sir Paul.

    • lmao, too funny! np damoney. Thanks for clearing that up.
      woodsgirl, it appears you are the winner with the vote for a cut & paste job.
      YDM, I think I'll take that drink now!

    • The current healthcare plan is ugly... but that`s the Republicans fault ----

      Mass voting in lock step to kill anything Obama puts out --- which forces on us cocksukers like Liberman - the insurance companies toadie, and Nelson- x State Insur Commissioner -- the ability to gut a program that actually made sense at one time... with a public option to Pressure insurance firms to do a better job...

      The USA has the best universal healthcare program in the world under -- the VA System which has treated millions of American veterans adequately and cost effectively ---- yet a system like that threatens the status quo of the insurance companies with their `Congressional` antitrust blank check... as well as big pharm which would need to cut their prices... What kind of a country leaves 48 million of its fellow citizens at the mercy of not having coverage???

      And regarding oil ---

      The USA is in the top 10 oil producers in the world yet we are the #1 purchaser of oil due to demand --- which puts us at 1) the mercy of OPEC and foreign oil suppliers to have our economy bleed continually - $700,000,000,000 per year --- PLUS the cost of having our military-industrial complex devote untold trillions$$$ in their efforts to provide global coverage of resources lines for us.... and 2) global weather change is real- and is effected by man and will get worst as global economy picks up-- and will have outlying effects on this country and others in the future.. 3) oil globally will reach a peak sometime in the next 40-60 yrs --- which will create hyperinflation threatening the global economy and possibly creating oil resource conflicts (some believe Iraq was one) -------

      All of the above means that the Al Gore environomentalists and the Pentagon planners who have prepared reports anticipating mass migrations, food shortages and conflicts (google - Pentagon,global warming, or peak oil)--- ALL AGREE --- the world burns too much carbon based resources - oil / coal --- and needs to develop alternatives ---- NOW... or pay a huge price for it...

      Republicans are missing the boat --- and should be behind national security and push for alternatives and not just blow off alternatives because they think it`s a green/lib thing....

      To not do so puts this country and our security at risk...

      The first time I actually heard a politician say this was Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC on a national talk show last month... I couldn`t believe that someone in a position of power actually put the two together the way it should be viewed...

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      • Don't use the VA as the example for health care, the system is on its hind legs begging for resources and is understaffed underbudgeted and second fiddle.

        Point rather to the same health care system every Fed employee has, choice of a dozen providers in each state, but expanded so each provider gets to compete inside every state. That's every Fed from GS-1 to Senator, it's the same system.

        It has flaws but has worked very well providing so much diversity and choice, you need a Microsoft program to weigh each alternative and cost.

    • Thank you for your comments, I posted this email without realizing that it appears that I am in fact the Dean. Sorry for the confusion, however the words are his, as they were copied directly from an email of which he was the author.

      Being from the insurance side I agree with his words and frustrations. We need reform however the bill in the present form does not accomplish the task at hand. Unfortunately some blindly vote for change not knowing what they are changing to.

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