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  • jpmarketer jpmarketer Mar 7, 2010 8:12 AM Flag

    OT but Urgent ---

    Has anyone experienced what I am this morning? Bizarre!! The Yahoo home page -- -- when I go to it, my CPU goes nuts - up to 75% utilization, continuously. It's not happening with any other internet page -- just yahoo. It slows my pc (which is otherwise healthy, no malware, everything in order) -- When I go into windows task manager (control, alt, delete, hit all at once), I can see the iexplorer process going crazy, and the performance graph shows the spike too -- then switch to any other web page, it disappears. DOES YAHOO HAVE A MALFUNCTION, OR WORSE, A VIRUS OR SOME TYPE OF ATTACK GOING ON ON IT'S SITE? EXPERIENCED/ADVANCE PC USER, HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS WITH A SINGLE INTERNET PAGE BEFORE LIKE THIS.

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    • I've had good success with Malwarebytes altho the last time I had to use it, on a friend's computer, I had to run it a couple of times. One problem is that some infections delete the program file of certain antivirus programs so there's nothing to run. Malwarebytes has an option of downloading a randomly named program file the infection can't see. Here's a good page with instructions and links to the program, including a separate link to the random program file...

      For email, I use a program called Frontmailer Lite, similar to Mailwasher with some exceptions: the free version allows you to access as many email accounts as you want; the company that wrote it is out of business so the program is discontinued and not supported. You can find it from various sources but you really want to virus-check it before you run it to make sure the version you've got is OK.

      It allows you to see text only versions of your email without downloading them -- you read them on the server and can delete them from the server as well so they never get onto your computer. After you've screened your email and gotten rid of the junk you can use your regular email client to download what's left and feel pretty safe. It can be a pain running two programs for one purpose but I haven't had an email virus in many years so, for me, it's worth it.

      One link for frontmailer but I haven't virus-checked this version so do your own DD...


    • Wow, how interesting. Had my son over this weekend trying to find out why my computer has been crawling (about the last 3 weeks too). Been incredibly frustrating. Reading the various comments and will try cookie delete etc. Please update if find out any additional information. Thanks

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    • royjm1940 Mar 7, 2010 2:46 PM Flag

      I have not experienced your problem, but what I am experiencing is frequent warnings telling me computer is infected with a virus and/or spyware when I am on the Yahoo pages.

      I am offered a product which I can buy that will resolve my poblem.

      First, I went to my McAfee Program. It does not indicate any problem.

      Second, I contacted AT&T, my ISP, and they ran a program to check for and eliminate problems.

      Now I just ignore the warnings and close them. I think this is just an attempt to sell a product.

      This problem only happens when I am on the Yahoo pages.

      I cannot offer any solution to your problem, but I thought I would share my problems with this board. My computer skill level is very basic.

    • Jerkoff?

      Camel Meat?

      Call for manifesto?

      I'm COMING!
      Run Norton at Comprehensive scan, and go have lunch.

      Download ccleaner at the url of the same name. Run registry cleanup, then the cleaner itself for all hard drives.

      Defrag all hard drives using the defrag your windows folks supplied.

      Cold boot by closing down your computer for five minutes. Unplug your internet connection for at least five minutes.

      Restart. Your computer should fly like the wind.

      If all else fails, take the internet porn off your desktop, it's slowing your RAM (at least as far as the computer is concerned. You should gain 5HZ for every deleted set of boobs.

      Delete all redundant programs, old copies of files by going into Control Panel, including all those amateur STAR TREK movies made by fans. Be careful.

      Delete all those favorite places, ebay auctions you favorited, shortcuts to sexual aids. You don't need that trash or continue to evade the truth, your sex life is zilch.

      If all else fails, save the one copy of turbotax that allows you to deduct the entire computer off your taxes, and restore, which will wipe out everything you've done since the last time you restored or even purchased the computer.

      Rip open the back of your unplugged computer and remove the tortilla you swore you brought into the computer room about January or so, and kill the rodents and bugs crawling around back there.
      Toss the POS into the wastebasket and replace it--computers have improved since 1993--and gone down in price.

      Any questions?

    • check on some of other miner pages see others with same problem . I have to shut down and reboot my computer with yahoo. oF COURSE THERE ARE ALWAYS FEW JERK OFFS LIKE THE FEW THAT HAVE ANSWERED YOUR POST . tHEN AGAIN MUST BE WHAT THEY ATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yup, beem happening for last three weeks with my computer everytime use yahoo pages

    • Blame YDM69 or what you drank or ate or smoked last night.

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