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  • nighttrader09 nighttrader09 Mar 18, 2010 2:38 AM Flag

    I THINK I got some of this figured


    If you anticipate that SLW is going parabolic in the next few days, do you intend to get right back into the front of the investment bus? - Just wondering.


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    • got to like this stock. bought some a few weeks ago at 15.34, thought it was stuck in the mud but now its on a roll.

    • My objectives are different than most. I have to live on this money right now.
      So I have to invest in flyer's with a bond investor mentality, hence my touting covered calls all the time.

      I may daytrade a portion of my stash but I don't feel comfy more than a few minutes at a time. If you're looking for Max Pain, the March call and put total is so close across three strike prices, I don't know where the smart money is anymore.

      Somebody is loading up in anticipation of option expiration and end of month investing. Up 3% in a no news, silver flatish day, I don't trust the obvious anomolies I can ascertain, so I will be nimble because it is easy to get crushed $1.50 in nothing flat, as we didn't "earn" the half buck yesterday so who knows what forces are at work.

      The market looks down today, overseas taking a fresh look at Greece for some reason it ignores every other day, and silver is flagging with overseas markets.

      CPI will provide fresh insight into inflation facing joesixpac, it needs to be a goldilocks number in order to continue the make believe rally.

      Tomorrow is quadruple witching, the original "March madness."

      I'll know more about today when the CPI comes out and premarket reacts. If at all, just toes in the water for me the best of times.

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