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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Mar 29, 2010 12:45 PM Flag

    ►LOL Right-Wing Funnies


    "establishes for all, the same health process for military and Congressmen everybody whines about being privileged"

    What's a "health process"? Is that some new liberal Orwellian terminology - along with the existing Orwellian liberal terminology?

    "Johnson faced the same criticism for expansion of Medicare in 1966. Now considered the 3rd rail of politics, touch Medicare and you're political history."

    There's a tape that came out a few years ago with Johnson talking with Senator Edward Kennedy. He said they had to lie about what the real costs of Medicare were. So you're right to draw parallels with Obamacare. Everyone now admits the thing is financially unsustainable. Along with social security it will propel the dollar and economy into a long term death spiral. But since millions of seniors paid into it all their lives cutting it is difficult to impossible. So that's somehow supposed to prove that Obamacare was a good idea. Talk about fuzzy logic! Or maybe psychotic logic.

    "Obama tried cooperate and graduate and you lost there also."

    Pure Democrat BS. Hallucinatory stuff. Not sure what "and graduate" means though.

    Still going on with your psychotic claim we invaded Iraq for oil I see. Not that Iraq has any logical connection whatsoever to why Obamacare is a good idea anyway. But that's how lefties "minds" work.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I'm a leftie? I'm a little more complicated than your prejudicial name calling. I'm a disabled Vietnam era Vet. I'll stack decades of service to country with real ordnance whizzing overhead against your armchair blather any day.

      I'm also a Goldwater Republican. Arizona state Senator and Presidential hopeful in 1962, he coined the phrase extremism in the defense of country is no vice, when asked why he thought Vietnam should have a nuclear solution. He predicted unless we used nukes, the Vietnamese would be as American rebels were, hunkered down, fighting from trees and rocks, while the "conventional forces" got mowed down. He predicted 50K dead and 250K wounded, and that is exactly what happened by 1973 tothe benefit of conventional arms merchants until 1973 when Nixon pulled us out. Making war into a business when you have the solution at hand is pure bullshit.

      Prior to the current administration, the politics were mostly for show, in private Senators and Congressmen got down to doing what is best for the nation. This is the first time in any era I can remember, and I can remember more of them than you've studied second hand, where the disloyal minority staged a coup and worked so steadfastly to insure bankers got billions, the Iraqi war was promulgated and continued, but joesixpac gets screwed for having the audacity to get sick. It's more than mean spirited, it has a linear quality to it--the promulgation of a brain dead woman, the perfect Republican equal opportunity candidate--pick a brain dead woman who evinces just those "fifties" qualities, as VP candidate, who's never had to budget for anything. Alaska has a surplus of oil it pays its constituents from--talk about he ultimate welfare program. Pick a Senator who flew his plane into the ground FIVE times over Vietnam--they should have given him a medal for making business for airframe manufacturers, he sure didn't do anything to help the cause--.

      As to Bush and Iraq policy, Bush clearly stated that after Iraq had its "freedom" from the dictator Reagan helped put in power via CIA, Iraqi's would be billed for the now Trillion dollar effort. Go look it up. We're just clocking billable hours against the tab we'll hand Iraq at the end of the show. We'll take it in oil please. We could have spent the money getting alternative energy going--but no, it's easier to steal it, I mean earn it, getting "Iraqi freedom".

      There's no question, the United States as the only civilized nation without universal healthcare, is the shame of the civilized world. The fact that people think that is a lottery, staggers me and anyone with a conscience, or what you'd call a "soul".

      If you think your American passport buys you justification to the keeper of the pearly gates to let you in, if you think bombing camel jockeys out of existence to save the Israeli ghetto so we can keep the Jews in their place--I mean, uh, their "homeland" justifies walking through that turf with bombs bursting in air, knock yourself out. It's bullshit, all of it.

      Sorry not all of us are gentiles and pay retail, or believe if it costs more its a better product.

      Cooperate and graduate is a military term appropriated by those of us in college in the fifties and sixties. It meant let us know what the test was in your class, so we have a head start on the test when we have to take it. It's pure Animal House, and cooperate and graduate means, compromise and get some kind of solution to move forward.

      I can't find that time old mentality amongst the Repukelicans, and I find little common sense amongst the Dumbocrats.

      If I had to pick someone just for straight shooter, I'd pick the comedy team of Ron Paul and Dennis Kocinich to run as X party team mates.

      It'll never happen. Makes too much sense, and would scare most folks Schiffless.

    • Well, Medicare WILL get touched but then so will we all

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