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  • badnewseveryday badnewseveryday Mar 28, 2010 4:35 AM Flag

    ►LOL Right-Wing Funnies


    These are great- sorry libs, you slush-heads surely won't see the humor:

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    • Johnson faced the same criticism for expansion of Medicare in 1966. Now considered the 3rd rail of politics, touch Medicare and you're political history. In spite of this new insurance reform admitted flaws, it is not "health" reform it is insurance for health, reform. It simply mandates what the insurance industry has been promising for 60 years in a dozen separate meetings with a variety of White Houses, and establishes for all, the same health process for military and Congressmen everybody whines about being privileged--and that includes some pretty young healthy youngsters that form the military, who aren't covered just when they're wounded.

      This flawed health bill, left right or indifferent, has the same efficacy and will have the same legacy.

      Reagan was a great affable man who defeated the last nation state hoping to take over the world. But he did that by deficit spending. Eventually, you have to pay for the things you receive.

      Ironic that the freedom touted is the freedom to go into debt, now 13T and counting, and it's OK for the banks to get $1T to squander, it's ok for us to put $1T together bombing Iraq into dust for no reason whatsoever, spreading free market capitalism at the point of a gun, while whining into an empty sky begging dead air for forgiveness, thinking an American passport guarantees entry to Valhalla. That's the process, I am not proud of hit first ask questions later, going Jack Bauer on camel jockeys because we can't tell the difference between Saudi's who attacked us 9/11 and any other Arab in the world.

      And on spending 1T over ten years to give joesixpac ability to overcome catastrophic illness between jobs? Nah, that's profligate spending, that's denial of "freedom".

      You lost the election, and Obama tried cooperate and graduate and you lost there also. There may not be a second term, there's no escaping it took some balls and made enemies to do it, if not right, then best as possible banging out a health care solution.

      Get over it. At least we're still bombing camel jockeys out of existence with our technological superiority. That'll teach them for having the world's oil supply when we have the biggest bombs and gas hogs on the planet.

      It's our divine right, remember?

      Sorry. Try again.

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      • The Muslims who are committing genocide against Christians as usual when and wherever they can may get your sympathy, not mine. They are just doing what MUHAMMAD told them to do.

        Spare me the Christian analogies. Tell me what evil Jesus Christ or his Apostles committed.

        Muhammad's crimes are endless, rape, murder, beheading, maiming, blinding, sex slaves and on and on. That THEIR words.

        Muslims in the Middle East are fortunate to sit on oil they can't pump or even use without our help. They are pariahs. They are also involved in the biggest theft of wealth in human history.

        The solution is to stop them from coming here [invading us]in the first place, leave them where they are and pump our own oil. We are blessed by God with natural resources but the Left wants to keep us captive to our enemies.

        Don't ask Obama for help.

    • "These are great- sorry libs, you slush-heads surely won't see the humor"

      On the contrary. Every time I've taken a word association test, when the tester says "right wing" I say "funny."


    • You are an illeducated louse.

      You have NO knowledge of Islam or its texts. There are three - name them.

      I SAID - NAME THEM YOU CLOWN and which are important and why.

      Nothing you say is based on informed knowledge but merely expresses your effeminate feelings.

      You are not a man. Never were.

      I want to stop posting because this is an SLW board but YOU want to inject your Leftist BS every chance that you get.

    • those are pretty funny

    • excuse me, WHO put REAGAN in the white house?

      the "international bankers"?

      lets see now, as I recall, jimmy carter just about wrecked the country with resulting massive inflation,and interest rates, both topping 18%!!


    • What is important is the balance of trade. A positive balance of trade and the country’s wealth will increase. A negative trade balance and the country’s wealth decreases. If a country’s wealth increases then everybody can get rich. If a country’s wealth decreases then people get poorer. Inside the country there is merely a distribution of wealth.

      When a country has a positive trade balance (no matter how small) then the money keeps circulating within the country. Even if the government only takes a small percentage as tax every time the money changed hands it would end up with all the money. The problem the government then has is to spend money in order to get back into the economy. Meanwhile the value of that country’s currency increases and prices go down.

      When a country has a negative trade balance then the money soon leaves the country and is no longer taxed (the tax base erodes). The government has to print more money or borrow it to supply the economy or it will collapse. The value of the country’s currency decreases and inflation follows. The rich may get richer and the poor poorer but the country as a whole goes down.

      The international bankers set out to destroy the US so they could control the world. To do this they sold the sheep on a false notion of Free-Market economy. They put Reagan into the White House to do their bidding and have had control ever since. They play to the individual’s greed. Reagan said, “Greed is good”. Politics in this country has turned into a way of dividing the people so the international bankers can take down the country. No true patriotic American would belong to or identify with either the Republican or Democratic Party.

      The Chinese do not have an open Free-Market. They use all sorts of regulations and currency manipulation to support their labor force.

    • but you overlook most important problem known as trillion dollar deficit.

      the expenses of immigrants, education, medical care, housing on the cheap, social services are huge and growing.

      the immigrant pays so little tax if at all, many dont even file returns and work for cash. the prosperous folks are government workers, union members, but THEY are also bankrupting states and creating more huge deficits.

      so, who will bay their bills?? and why should anyone work anymore only to fund the above? and the trillions of taxpayer dollars lost on the "free house policy" of the lefties??

    • A day of physical labor would help lot of people. The most common illness in America today is depression. Depression disrupts the immune system leading to a lot of other illnesses and allergies. A day of physical hard work does a lot to help a depression. Physical labor would get rid of a lot of obesity. So both mentally and physically hard work is what a lot of people need.

      If the country is to exist into the future it needs people who will work. As I see it the only hope lies with the immigrants. So it is just as well that overweight white Americans are unable to reproduce themselves.

    • What put Reagan in the White House was Carter's balless-ness in the face of kidnapped Americans. All the rest, to include the country's lack of faith in itself and massive inflation, was the offspring of that lack of guts. And of course, the control of oil, from which we made vows to go for alternate energy that never materialized in the 30 years since.

    • Prove anything I said wrong. The problem is I am talking to people who weren't even a wet dream "on this planet" and have zero experience other than crib notes and stolen internet quotes to pass their history tests, I lived a lot of that history and was there.

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