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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street May 7, 2010 10:03 AM Flag

    Decoupleteers have it right

    In reality, anything more than a short term victory over terrorism will always prove elusive.

    Why? Because terrorism is a tactic and not something against which one can actually wage war.

    Instead, one must look at the root causes and see what might be done to ameliorate them, short and longer term.

    The way America has gone about building political and economic hegemony around the world has caused us to collect a great deal focused anger. Not so much directly aimed at the American people per se, but the government as the tool of implementation.

    I wish we would heed the advice of the Founders and trade with everyone and enter into no entangling foreign alliances. We'd be a great deal more wealthy and America would not have suffered the erosion of God given rights as we've experienced.

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    • <<I wish we would heed the advice of the Founders and trade with everyone>>

      Forcing our capitalistic "Free Market" on the world is the reason everybody is against the US. The Founders of this country espoused protective tariffs. Let’s start manufacturing what we use here in the US and stop exploiting the rest of the world.

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      • While I agree with the sentiment on the tariffs issue, I cannot concur with the idea that they were specifically designed to be "protective" although in a very mild sense they had that effect. Instead, the Founders intended for the rest of the world, by paying for access to the burgeoning American marketplace through tariffs, to pay for the cost of legitimate and constitutionally constrained government quite unlike what we experience today.

        Those tariffs were only minor hurdles and foreign goods were still, by and large, competitive...enough so that they still arrived here and financed government allowing the people to be free of direct taxation just as the Founders had designed. That is not to say that there were not instances of "betterment" in certain domestic industries brought about by powerful, and of course monied men, seeking to reduce further the competition they faced.

        The system worked marvelously except for those times where government colored outside the lines or went to war. Of course, the alternate method of revenue gathering - the giving of a tax bill to the individual states divvied up by population (one of the real reasons behind the census) was never deployed although it was the back up mechanism. Each state was then free to devise whatever system of taxation or revenue recruitment it wanted. Thus those impacting the lives of the people would be closer to those they impacted...again as the Founders devised. In fact, were it not for the imposition of the fiat system back in 1913 we might not have ever really needed an income tax. Congressman McFadden stood up in the well of the House and asked, "How are we going to explain this tax to the people back home when we have a surplus?" Of course, the income tax was premeditatively installed in advance of the debt based monetary system we suffer under today. I guess they felt that by having the debt money come first it would have made the tax matter all the more problematic.

        In my personal opinion, the debt based money is the single greatest enemy of the American people and if we could shut it down we would all be a great deal better off.The cancerous growth of government would not only be halted in its tracks, but it would then be forced to shrink in a dramatic fashion.

    • I can't believe how fooled sheeple are. Terrorism? You must be joking.

    • The rights we earned are all the more dear than those who believe ooga booga in the sky granted them. They were built on reason logic and four hundred years of free for all market capitalism that went before. We keep repeating the same mistakes in a different suit, with greater speed. Logic and reason augered otherwise, and we have abandoned that experience.

      If there was to be a euro, it required the strong to be bailed out by the weak, not abandoned, and as long as that element remains ununited, it remains a risk when one of the weak sisters goes south.

      So there's an example of what happens when you don't have centralized Fed over the whole, just a bunch of gangrenous arguing babies taking the world down with them.

      We have gradual limited war because we view everything as a business, and think we're due a pass at sky bound fantasy lands just because we carry an Ameican passport. Why solve anything overseas when endless war is good for business, and weapons systems the only export we have left to sell?

      For now the tit on the boarhog has everyone's attention,Greece, and now the platform by which stocks are bought and sold is suspect to computerized manipulation or, reaction so demonstrative, it is turned into a roulette wheel for you old folks, a video game for you young'uns, instead of an investment.


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