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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 May 7, 2010 6:47 AM Flag

    Decoupleteers have it right

    but there are thorns on that rose. Recognition that Europe needs a TARP, and might cobble one together, have both dollar and specie tag teaming upward. One, the dollar as cream of the crap fiat currencies, and gold and silver as the only constant in a world described so aptly from Constitution to the Federalist Papers 250 years ago.

    But there are downsides to that right sizing of fiat and specie, and the decoupling mode, for miners and royalty seekers like SLW. For SLW is a stock, and as the market tumbles, it is an anchor on this winner about to triple production. Penny for penny rise with the POS will shrink accordingly, though rise it will.

    My $25 SLW target may therefore require $27.50 silver, and bumpy all the way, but it is out there, and the PPT and those three banks that the Fed uses to short the metals are primed for bear, and bear markets.

    Here we go.

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    • I'll have some of what Tulsa is having...

      Short term victory over terrorism in Times Square, and the insight it's producing into the enemy's process. There is a groundswell of national satisfaction with this development, across political boundaries.

      BP is readying the container over the spewing well. If it works, it will be a storybook/superhero avoidance of global catastrophe, like the movie Armeggedon, but in real life. There is hope building

      Greece streets, if somewhat calmer today like they were yesterday, if the trend continues, it's positive.

      Word from the German Parliament is due any time now. This will be the primary catalyst one way or the other. God help us if there is a rejection.

      Jobs report, if milktoast, nothing. Becomes more of a factor the further up or down it is versus expectations

      European debt markets, the canaries in the mine, are the wildcard. Risk premiums tell the whole story.

      European credit markets. If they continue to clog today, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and is the biggest global fear right now, imo. But the trend looks right. The Euro is surging, dollar index is dropping, things are calming, it seems.

      All of this happens against a backdrop of continued strengthening of the global economy, with even Spain showing growth for the first time in 8 periods, it was announced yesterday.

      Taken together, bias on silver and SLW seems very positive.

      Although tying that to a number of pennies via an often debunked relationship rule seems, well, non-productive.

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      • In reality, anything more than a short term victory over terrorism will always prove elusive.

        Why? Because terrorism is a tactic and not something against which one can actually wage war.

        Instead, one must look at the root causes and see what might be done to ameliorate them, short and longer term.

        The way America has gone about building political and economic hegemony around the world has caused us to collect a great deal focused anger. Not so much directly aimed at the American people per se, but the government as the tool of implementation.

        I wish we would heed the advice of the Founders and trade with everyone and enter into no entangling foreign alliances. We'd be a great deal more wealthy and America would not have suffered the erosion of God given rights as we've experienced.

    • At $27.50 silver, SLW will be $30-40.


    • It would be a surprise to me that SLW is following the stocks and not the metal.

      Right now both the metal and the market are down, so it is hard to tell what the reason is.

    • I tend to think that government actually lacks the authority to tell the individual what to do. In fact, government's sole rightful duty extends only to the protection of life, liberty and property. This is/was a foundational concept embodied in the Declaration of Independence. Anything else is a usurpation. The courts exist to deal with torts and theft.

      I cannot vouchsafe for how well things are going in China. I would bet, though, that the frailties and inefficiencies of even a quasi-command economy will prove to be problematic. Look at New Deal America when the communists were running the show.

    • The southerners thought that protection of property meant that the government should help them keep their slaves. Not the right wing wants the government to stop workers from organizing in unions so they can be enslaved.

      Well I am heading to the hills of NC for 3 weeks of camping. Far away from the maddening crowd and without computer.

    • Actually, slavery was protected by the US Constitution and would have continued to be had the southern states stayed in the Union. It's one of the reasons that to promote the idea that the War of Northern Aggression was all about slavery is ridiculous.

      Now let's talk about the Rum Triangle, the Yankee Clipper slave traders and the institution of slavery north of the Mason-Dixon line. Even Ulysses S. Grant had slaves (and still did even after the war) and is quoted as saying that had he thought that the war was about slavery he would have offered his sword to the South.

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