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  • shausser719 shausser719 Jun 3, 2010 10:30 AM Flag

    Obama deliberately destroying the Gulf?

    One can understand the difficulties in plugging a well that's about a mile underwater; it's certainly a daunting task. But cleaning oil spills is routine work.

    Governor Jindal's pleas to Obama are ignored. So the real question now is, "Why has the administration blocked clean-up efforts, of all things? There's no argument that it may take until August for new wells to stem the leak, but why isn't everything possible being done to clean the water and prevent as much oil from coming to shore as possible? Is it merely government bungling or is there a political agenda at work here? This is, after all, the administration that vowed to "never waste a good crisis."

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    • Ask Rahm - Barry you dork.

      YOU destroyed the Gulf.

      Let's drill and get rid of Barry.

    • I'd call you an idiot, but, cgreens would properly take me to task, and ask me, "what have you got against idiots?"

    • He`s not `... stop drilling`... they`ve put a moratorium on deep water drilling until they find out what happen on this drill site blow up... as for the rest of the medium water drill sites they still run and in fact another was just approved last week.

      Putting a `hold` on deep water drilling till they determine what happen is both prudent and wise... they can see what happen -- human error, equipment failure, etc.. and see if certain new regs should apply to these particular wells or if the current ones are good enough...

      What you are stating is total bullshiittt and more political nonsense than anything...

    • "In the midst of this major ecological calamity, when BP can least cope with major distractions and vile recriminations, Obama's clueless legal team has decided to threaten the company with a criminal probe. Tone-deaf Eric Holder is unable to pronounce the words "Islamic terrorist," but he has already unleashed his justice department to cripple BP, essentially labeling it a criminal enterprise. Perhaps Obama and his band of goons need to hear from BP that they are stopping all capping efforts to concentrate on their legal defense..will not let this environmental crisis go to waste. To distract the growing numbers of Americans who are beginning to take full measure at last of his colossal incompetence, negligence, narcissism, laziness, ignorance, and stupidity, only BP's slow and total destruction will suffice. If he can permanently disable the domestic oil industry at the same time, so much the better...."

    • "Are the ... Muslims going to stop drilling? Hardly. In fact, they are increasing their drilling."

      Where do they do that? Muslimistan?


    • Jeepers, only one star from all the little commies on this board.

      Not bad.

      We're going to win - my fellow "Americans" lol.

      You're day is coming.

    • Drill Baby Drill, hope you have fun with the oil now.Please gov help us.

    • Obama has suspended all offshore drilling in the Arctic, at least until the causes and solutions to the Gulf spill are discovered.

      No applications for drilling permits in the Arctic will even be considered now until 2011. Drilling scheduled to begin this summer under already issued Alaskan leases has also been halted. Investor’s Business Daily explains how this punishes the American people, saying on May 28, "Alaska's Chukchi Sea holds more oil and gas than anyone thought – 1,600 trillion cubic feet of undeveloped natural gas, or 30% of the world's supply, and 83 billion barrels of undeveloped oil, 4% of estimated global resources. No more drilling on the North Slope.

      You can be sure the Russians won't be as reluctant. Nor will the Cubans and their Chinese partners expected to drill in the Gulf of Mexico off of Florida's coasts as well, just as the Brits and others have not been reluctant to drill in the stormy North Sea.

    • Is the Obama administrations slowness to deal with the gulf oil disaster simply another example of government bungling or is there more to it? There appears to be one common thread that connects all of the administration's actions, or inaction, as well as both liberal and conservative criticisms -- namely, the administration's slow response. But, more pointedly the administration has been foot-dragging clean up efforts.

      Now they are floating the idea of taking over oil companies. Gotta love those socialists for their concern for the little guy.

      Only a moron would buy that line.

      • 1 Reply to shausser719
      • <<Now they are floating the idea of taking over oil companies. Gotta love those socialists for their concern for the little guy.>>

        By little guy, do you mean BP. BP did not install a safty valve out of greed. Lack of government rgulations allowed them that option. We cannot rely on capitilistic greed to protect the world. BP caused the problem and should pay. Not the taxpayer. Ifd the government has to pay for the cleanup then they should take control of BP.

    • Did the administration early on make a conscious effort to stone-wall the clean up efforts in an attempt to use scenes of dirty birds and blobs of oil to sway public opinion in favor of its green, cap-and-trade agenda that's looked all but dead in congress? Could much of the environmental and economic destruction been averted by an aggressive clean-up and containment effort? Who in the administration is to blame? And why?

      One can only hope that American's will begin asking these tough questions about what appears to be a willful slowness on behalf of Bama Petroleum to vigorously attack the clean-up and preservation efforts.

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