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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jun 4, 2010 6:37 AM Flag

    Dinosaurs had the Meteor, Humans oil spill,

    Dinosaurs had the meteor.

    It crashed into the earth, put a cloud over the world, which destroyed vegetation, and then, them.

    Is this spill the end of us? When chunks of the food chain dies of oil poisoning? Are we past the point where the eco system can adjust? Is it too late to learn the tragedy of the commons, which states individual exploitation will drive a resource to nothing, or catastrophe, without rule of law, independently enforced, with prepositioned solutions to calamities?

    It's too late to play the blame game. Is it too late, period?

    As the oil breaks past the Gulf into faster waters of the Atlantic, making its way up to N Carolina and out to sea, is this the beginning of the end of our world as we know it?
    Forget fiat and specie.

    Got fish?

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    • lol, ydm. I realize you originated this thread, but I was not singling you out. Display your Nobel prize with pride. Most of us on this board, including me, could not hold a candle to your intellect.

      fwiw - I have a close friend that works for Chevron who indirectly gave me a little perspective on this issue. ;)

    • "deep-sea psychrophilic (cold temperature) gamma-proteobacteria closely related to known petroleum-degrading microbes,"

      Yeah. YEAH. Those bacteria.

      I KNEW THAT! I saw those in "Cloverfield"!

      I should have guessed that 400 million years of dead dino's and evolution would have left microscopic scavengers of this type.

      I have put a shroud over my Nobel prize in shame.

    • What makes you think I don't write screenplays?

    • What makes you think I don't write for a living in any number of venues?

      Venue find out, you'll be surprised.

    • I know there are some big time spell checkers out there, and literary guru's. That piece YDM wrote about the camera pulling back and showing all the well plugs was pretty good!

      Sometimes i read the stuff I wrote and cringe at the grammar/spelling. So, why don't i spell check or proof read my stuff?

      Per month, I use to prepare a lot of presentations, briefs, white papers, anaylsis, marketing, positioning and strategic documents. We won't even get into the 150 email in my inbox per day. maybe understanding it, I grew to actually have nightmares of spell checker. In my retirement from that life, I love just pressing send and not worrying about "word smithing"... as my copywriter use to say.

      Chemaes (happily away from keyboard hell)

    • Interesting tidbit about gold in the oceans. I'll remember that, but forget what the wifee told me yesterday - funny thing.
      I have a friend who works for a large insurance company & I lost a lot of respect for him when I heard him talk about his job. I mention this only to illustrate that I know exactly what you mean about Mr. Actuary.
      Good chatting with you as always. Happy trading everyone.

    • nah tom, I enjoyed the discussion you guys are having. I didn't have anything to add really outside of work experience memories 20 years ago. If i remember correctly as little as 50 ppm mercury (50 pieces of mercury in 1,000,000 pieces of water) was all that was needed to bring the american bald eagle close to extinction.

      With all that "crap" released and continuing to be released, the effects won't be known for a few years, but there will be effects.

      The chemical engineer in me says, all of that hydrocarbon evaporation in its simplest form boils down to more methane, hexane in the air. The effects, 0.1 degree higher atmospheric temperatures, O3 impairment, is it all insignificant? who knows.

      The planet will continue to go into the crapper so long as "risk reward" and "cost benefit analysis" remain standards in the accounting department. Hmmm, Mr. Actuary in your nice corner office, if we spill a billion gallons, but we clean up only 30% of it, leave the rest, and expect 500 million in out of court settlement, are we ahead of the game in 3 years? that's how they do it.

      Did you know there is more gold in all the oceans of the world than in the ground or every mined, the problem, its at 10 ppt (trillion) or something like that. You know I had to turn the discussion back to PM's.

      good trading

    • "As the oil breaks past the Gulf into faster waters of the Atlantic, making its way up to N Carolina and out to sea, is this the beginning of the end of our world as we know it?"

      The truth really hurts. This is the latest on the spill rate. Let me recap the lies for all:

      After rig accident: No leaks

      A few days later: 1000 barrels (42000 gallons) per day

      Week - 10 days later: 5000 barrels (210,000 gallons) per day

      NOW!!!!: 48,000 barrels (2,000,000 gallons) per day

      If you want to see for yourself:

      Stevie and Ray could see that is more than 1000 bbl per day.

      Do you think some untruths are being told? How could anyone under estimate a spill flow rate by a factor of 48?

      How long did they say before the relief well(s) are complete? A couple months ?IF? they are telling the truth and "everything" goes right. That is the question that will determine the fate of this world.

      The Gulf of Mexico will soon be a useless body of water (except for drilling oil and natural gas) for a very long time. The eastern seaboard and Atlantic ocean fisheries are going to be significantly compromised too.

      The food chain has just been broken. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we diet.

      Have you ever heard the expression "Let em eat oil"

      THE END

    • <"putting species under a strain" is like saying hanging might strain your neck.>

      now that was funny. Out of context, but funny.

    • 12000-19000 barrels are escaping daily, according to BP, which just announced

      a. it is capturing 10000 barrels/day thus far
      b. relief wells won't be finished till August, for a chance at slowing flow

      none of this 19K oil supposedly going into a tanker is on any cam feed.

      "putting species under a strain" is like saying hanging might strain your neck.

      3.6M gallons pollutes 360M gallons seawater

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