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  • sivr6651 sivr6651 Jun 23, 2010 12:26 PM Flag

    chart of manipulation

    If you go to, you will see on the front page a chart of today's gold price. There is an almost vertical line down, from $1244 to $1223.

    The exact same thing happened on Monday. Virtually at the same time.

    Both times the prices were rising until the sudden, major drops.

    Tomorrow is metal options expiration day. The exact same thing happened last metals option expriation week, only worse.

    Other than the board idiot with the 49 IQ, who can't see there is foul play? What does that say about the market's integrity?

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    • "lol, sure you did. Also not surprised to see you're from Texas, home of Barton and Bush, 2 other smart guys."

      Although they were both in the oil business I actually made quite a bit more money at it than either of them did. Bush was pretty unsuccessful and Barton was a bag toter at ARCO. I must say I am bitterly disappointed that you don't take me at my word. Your opinion, and all of the other mental giants who dwell in the dark recesses of this cess pool, are so important to my self image. Excuse me...I think ...I' cry.

    • lol, sure you did. Also not surprised to see you're from Texas, home of Barton and Bush, 2 other smart guys.

    • "Manure for Brains, with a 49 IQ, you are too stupid to have a job..."

      Well, you are at least partially correct. I sold my oil and gas company in 1998 at the age of 48 and haven't bothered looking for gainful employment since. I manage my own money and kill time badgering buffoons such as yourself. Like I's a character flaw.

    • A COMEX default would send prices soaring. Before defaulting,the COMEX will intervene and offer cash settlements and force delayed deliveries. These actions will also spike silver prices.

      We are already seeing the delayed deliveries. Read Harvey Organ's blog. Customers have been waiting since March to take delivery. Harvey says he has never seen anything like it in his 30 years in the silver market, millions of ounces standing for delivery, and going out the door.

      This is happening because people realize there is a ponzi scheme in play, and they want to redeeem while the redeeming is good.

    • "We are all too stupid to understand anything."

      At long last I finally feel like I'm not alone.

      Of course I've always recognized my stupidity for what it is while a big, ugly chunk of the posters on this board have yet to figure out what theirs is.

    • "We are all too stupid to understand anything."

      Why thank you, Adolph, for that moment of inspired insight. Finally a post from you I can wholeheartedly endorse.

    • I have a couple comex contracts.

      Do you think Comex is going down because a Comex default is imminent?

      I am uncertain if that would cause Comex prices to go up or down?

      Comex prices would have to go op to physical price to make delivery? or Comex prices collapse because they have nothing backing the contracts up because they have defaulted?

    • Again, the morning after the G20. Gold is running, making the conference look like a failure. Suddenly, in a minute or two, for no apparent reason, in the middle of a rally, the price tanks $20. Silver $0,22.

      Who didn't know last night, if we rallied this morning,that there would be an 11AM jack. It is so predictable. My question is do they do this by dumping IMF gold, that they refused to sell to Sprott, or do they do it with derivatives, which means naked? Since silver always drops as much or more, and they have no silver to dump, my guess is derivaties, at least partially.

      Several months ago, I read $19.20 was an important number to defend in silver for the shorts. I suppose it's because the BIG SHORT changed hands at $21, and the price plummeted immediately thereafter.

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      • "Who didn't know last night, if we rallied this morning,that there would be an 11AM jack. It is so predictable."

        I didn't. It would be helpful if you would post these future events that you see so clearly while they are still future events. It would do wonders for your credibility (zero currently amongst anyone with any sense) and it would enable me to reach my long held goal of becoming a billionaire. All of your help on that front will be greatly appreciated. It's the same post really...just posted last night contemperaneous with your vision (hallicunation?). Shouldn't be a problem, swami.

    • The take down was a failure... Gold at $1231 right now.

      That is not a take down.

      After today is over we'll see $1300+ in July


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      2) Comex Futures Options Expiry Dates
      3) Contract Roll over time periods

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