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  • sivr6651 sivr6651 Jun 23, 2010 2:07 PM Flag

    chart of manipulation

    I agree there is money to be made anticipating these dips, and I knew going into the options expiration that there would be big, instantaneous moves down, but that's not the point. The point is, it's banks making money by stealing it from stock and physical metal holders.

    Why are they allowed to continue, when so many have complained? If you can steal, right out in the open, and thumb your nose at the victims, and even be praised for it on CNBC, what does that say about our society?

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    • Part of what's going is also a reduction in liquidity.

      In oil, gold and silver the last three days has seen total reduction in daily volume of between 40-60% compared to days previous. This makes all of these items more vulnerable to folks who want to move the price to make a couple of points. This more than halving of the volume is causing the problems. I haven't looked but I suspect the same for other commodities.

      The best I can tell is that this is likely happening because many hedge fund managers have been getting killed this last quarter (especially in may, I took a few on the chin too) The month ends in a few days, and rather than loose any gains they may have, I believe many have just closed shop until June is done because their comps depend on it. Also, there's a very headline heavy last few days heading into June close with G20, fed decision etc..

      This is why I went half cash the other day after posting what I saw in the oil volumes.

      Oil beat me up today, and that doesn't happen very often.

      It's probably safer to abstain from the markets unless you are a volatilty freak. In that case you can probably make some serious coin.

      I broke made a grand total of $100 playing it well it covers some of my trades for the day.

      Good trading

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