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  • froeman12 froeman12 Jul 21, 2010 5:02 PM Flag

    Where to buy silver coins?


    Can anyone here recommend a reputable online dealer in silver coins that they have experience with? I hear that KITCO and Northwest Territorial Mint are 2 good online sources. Does anyone have any comments on these 2 or any others?


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    • no problem, I have found Tulving easy to deal with and reliable on delivery.

      Good Luck

    • "And then maybe you will shut that big yap of yours, and turn around and see your empty wallet."

      That would be the difference between you and me. If proven wrong, I'll own up. There's no proof, or set of circumstances that will ever cause a nutcake, fringe whacko such as yourself to admit you don't know what you're talking about. Oh...and I don't remember you from the SLV board. You're just one more anonymous, indistinguishable bore who has sunk his teeth into the conspiracy dujour and is hanging on for dear life.

    • "You can't get along with anybody.
      Definitely an antaganist.

    • "Gold and silver being the only real "money" the world has ever known, it's not really a big mystery as to why it is so manipulated. It seems like the bullion bank fraudsters have been given, and will continue to have, carte blanche to rig the silver market on the short side. The Fed/Treasury/"administration"/CFTC have all just looked the other way on this, and certainly any "investigation" into this matter will surely be just as rigged."

      Well, petepotty, this pretty well exonerates you of having to ever produce any evidence to support your hilarious rantings. Congratulations. You'll go to your grave asserting you were right. No "Rosebud" for you. It will be "bullion banking fraudsters", and the people gathered around you will wonder what the hell you meant.

    • peteypartie,

      Physical silver will always be available FOR A PRICE! Those firms or individuals that are short and cannot cover will have a choice. Either they must go to the open market and pay the going price for silver, or they can go bankrupt. In the case of JP Morgan, they have mountains of assets, and so will just have to accept major losses. I have a feeling that Uncle Sam will find a way to compensate them, since it has been our government that has encouraged JPM to suppress silver prices in order to make the US dollar look good. SS

    • froeman,
      I bot my silver from CNI based in Los Angeles ( They've been in business for 30 years. From the time I placed the order to the time I received was approximately 2.5 weeks. I have to say this is the fastest I've ever received from them. Usually it takes about 5 weeks from the time they get your money. Insurance and shipping are paid by them if your order exceeds $2K. The coins come securely packaged. The silver eagles are $2.10 over spot (not based on closing price for that day but the spot price when you call for a quote.) I've seen other places that offer lower if you buy 500 coins at a time. I don't have that kind of money so I just bot from CNI. They have good service and delivery is very reliable.


    • Northwest Territorial Mint and Westminster Mint are both very good. Different products but have not had any problems with either one.

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      • I have waited over 4 months for Northwest Territorial Mint to get my Silver.

        It has been awful. If you read their fine print - you may never get your Silver.

        During the 4 months if price of Silver went to the moon - NWT can decide to just give me my money back. They pocket the gain while the use my money to do it.

        They have like 3 months to deliver with an automatic renewal for another 30 days of torture.

        I will never buy from Northwest Territorial again.

        I have bought from Scottsdale and they shipped within 5 days.

        I will probably buy from APEX.

        Beginner's misfortune buying from NWT. It's a trap in my opinion and the Washington Attorney General has investigated them cause 85 customers had bad things to say. It's aweful painful worrying about doing business with someone a States Attorney General has had to investigate.

        Do your own due diligence. You should not have to pay for Silver and wait 4 months to either maybe get Silver or in the event price goes up they just send you your money back after using your money.

    • If you are going to buy a big box unopened mint eagles, I suggest looking at Tulving. I have made three purchases from Hans, but only if you are buying 500 or more coins.

    • shoman07 Jul 21, 2010 5:16 PM Flag

      also I get them there and never had any problems.

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