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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Oct 25, 2010 12:48 AM Flag

    Sunday Sermon: Buy Silver and Gold

    You, like most have been co-opted to believe the political spectrum to be linear when, instead, it is circular.

    Let's start with 100% freedom (aka anarchy which gets a bad rap because most think it means something other than just an absence of government) and place it in the 6 o'clock position. From there, we can indeed advance to the left, toward 11 o'clock and ultimately achieve communism. Or we can advance to the right to say the 1 o'clock position and arrive at fascism.

    Note how the two systems are arrayed so closely along the same arc segment.

    In reality the two, communism and fascism, are quite similar insofar as totalitarian systems go, with only ownership of the factors of production being the primary and significant difference. Remember, we are discussing economic systems and not governmental systems although most Americans have been led to believe they are one in the same.

    Ruminate on this for a while and it should dawn on you as to how the linear perspective is being used to polarize the people when we really ought to be closing ranks against the advance of totalitarianism of either flavor. That is very important as each work to destroy the concepts of private property and individual liberty.

    Most intuitive people associate Republicans with fascist ideology and then also associate Democrats with communist ideology. Each approach is Statist by design. In fact, Messianic Statism is the end goal for either one. As you can see, this model certainly explains why it is that both parties seem to be functional adjuncts of the same operation, that which is operating against the foundational concepts of Life, Liberty and Property. It also serves as an adequate explanation as to why nothing ever really changes in government even taking into consideration the biennial cleansing process that supposedly takes place.

    Does the linear model preached to the masses explain this circumstance?

    No. Not only does it fail miserably, but it aids and abets the polarization of the masses which I frankly feel is the primary function of media today, right ahead of the other one - propagandizing. Why? Because if we are at odds with one another, duped to battle in the paradigm constructed for that exact purpose, we are simply being led down the primrose path, with energies spent for absurd rationale and all the while the manipulators laugh themselves silly. They know that win, lose or draw, they come out on top.

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