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  • cmegladon cmegladon Dec 1, 2010 2:41 PM Flag

    Those who believe Dec 16th Position Limits

    Sorry I missed your post.
    Yes, I do believe it's more of a theory of a conspiracy. This has been going on for years.
    Back in 2007 the same thoughts.
    Is the game fixed? Yeah maybe but that doesn't make for a conspiracy.
    For example, when Fannie and Frennie were told to make loans, and the rules changed, allowing folks to borrow money based on income against payments,, but the payments were based on interest only, 3% loans and no regard for future adjustments. Then, those loans were packaged, sold off by GS and GS KNEW there would be CDO defaults. That's not a "conspitracy theory". That was inebt Government, de-regulation, allowing the SEC to rule on and oversee what should have been an insurance product. Also, it was "sort of" criminal if the at GS KNEW these CDO's would default. And it was "sort of criminal" to allow folks to obtain a loan on "false pretenses".
    The entire system was corrupted.
    OH, and by the way, Gary Gensler the new CFTC Commissh was at GS and prior, he approved mush of this mess.
    So, will the CFTC clean it up?
    Not a conspiracy, just more of the same old.
    The big boys get to play the game on better terms.
    As always.
    And you're right. The Exemptions will be granted, and guess by whom....?

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