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  • onecorsa onecorsa Dec 2, 2010 4:10 PM Flag

    They've GOT To Be Kidding!

    Ben has "no idea" where $500 Bln went?

    It's time to send him out.

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    • l7941 Dec 3, 2010 4:03 PM Flag

      Not a redistribution of current global wealth.

      There is a change in HOW the distribution of future money is delegated.

      Your fears are squelched under the new system. You and your grandchildren
      can still be an entrepreneurs and earn any material items you desire.

      I don't think the individual needs to trump the collective for advancements.

      Equal opportunity doesn't produce equal results, if everyone is assigned to
      the same task. That's not the case here.

      Advancements come from the imagination, and ingenuity. I don't think these attributes activate
      only when confronted with opposition of one vs. many.

      Make it as good as you want, IMO.

    • l7941 Dec 3, 2010 3:40 PM Flag

      I wouldn't use the entertainment media to try and sell
      any political agenda.

      But I would use the information media.

    • The democrats and the republicans both qualify as Racketeering Influened and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) and should all prosecuted accordingly. With few exceptions, we have elected lawyers to manage our economy and run our country. What did we expect? Elect a profession that is less honest than prostitution, and they steal everything that's not tied down and run the country into the ground, and we are all surprised we are in such a mess? Its the ol' fool me once shame on you....well this time, the shame is on all of us....they keep us bickering amongst ourselves over trivial issues that serve the purpose of distracting us while they loot our country wholesale.

    • l7941 Dec 3, 2010 3:34 PM Flag

      Do you have a better why to learn what people think than hearing them speak in 'their own words?

      No, it works great with the right intentions.

      Wasn't directing the IF comment at you. Not really
      sure why I said that, but made it general enough.

      People who tend to watch these political shows frequently usually
      end up needing them as a crutch to form an opinion.

      And a single person is easy to corrupt, so I say beware.

      I guess it was just a friendly reminder.

    • l7941 Dec 3, 2010 2:43 PM Flag

      If the majority of American people are forming the bulk of their
      ideas, or beliefs, based on what they hear in the media, the
      American people aren't going to have a choice in any change
      which might occur.

    • Bush spent a trillion in Iraq, and billions went missing there too.
      They're all corrupt.

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      • l7941 Dec 3, 2010 6:14 AM Flag

        Fix it all by removing the possibility of corruption from the equation.

        Keep all monies under a fiat currency, make one currency.

        Peg GDP of every nation to the currency and calculate needs and
        production capabilities, world wide, twice a year, for the whole world.

        Distribute all currency accordingly for the projected needs and production capabilities
        for each country. Regulate the distribution of currency based on the
        needs of any single human or country and how they plan to contribute to the GDP
        of the world.

        Suddenly, everything is organized, distributed efficiently to 192 nation
        based on the needs of citizens, regulated by a global co-op of two reps.
        from each country. One rep goes to the governing body of this organization,
        the other joins the team of international regulators, to ensure plans are being

        Not so far off. Why stimulate an old economy base, when it's time to create a new one.

        Something a bit more practical, updating the purpose of money.

        A tool to efficiently produce, track and organize the resources of the world. It has
        started already, but laws need to be made to help ensure the distribution of money
        goes to every person and doesn't stop when it reaches a government or corporation.

        Kinda surprised the banks weren't mandated to start hiring people after they received
        our money, in lump sum bailouts and stimulus.


      • hey jackoff...Obama has spent 4 times more than bush spent..and he has only been in office 2 years...not 8...what ajoke...don`t even bring up bush..we have someone spending alot more now in office,,not even close..yet you don`t even mention that...what a joke..

      • <<Bush spent a trillion in Iraq, and billions went missing there too.
        They're all corrupt.>>

        yep... i hear that gov mostly adheres to 3 things:

        1) causing wars to let the world know who is BOSS!

        2) maximize health care taxes

        3) gain the max oil quantities so as to even further maximize their taxes...

        VVVVEEERRRYYYY money minded folks they! davdddd

    • Yes, Big Ben is Jewish dont ya know... so he got props from his loyal cronies.

      plus he is VERY eloquent!!! w/ an IVY league education to boot!

      so it doesnt matter which way the tree falls!... Big B is a VERY smooth talker...


    • I had to read that 3 times to confirm my reaction, which surprised me, because that doesn't even sound like a lot of money any more!

    • Maybe he should check his pockets.

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