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  • eraserman1260 eraserman1260 Feb 10, 2011 12:12 AM Flag

    Fight the Future - Join Me

    The human race has become a disgusting creature.
    We only have one planet. One place to live and to build futures.
    But "We the People" allow a small group of evil men and women to take everything from us.
    They take our dreams of a better life for our families and sell those dreams for a piece of paper.

    What will it take to make everyone wake up? You're living in a dream world and you think we are going to return to those days of old and we are never going to return to those days.

    We can have better lives if we take action. We can take back our world but first we have to do something that some of you may not agree with or may not have the inner strength to do. We have to start getting rid of these men and women who are evil. We know the names of many of them and we can start there. But people, you have to wake from your dream state. If we all worked together and those of you sitting on the sidelines were willing to make some sacrifices we can take it all back.

    I am going to be posting an web address soon for those of you willing to take the leap of faith and join me in fighting for our freedom from tyranny. We need at least one million people in the USA who are willing to fight the future. We need people who are smart, educated and streetwise. people who stand as patriots. Not just patriots of the USA, but patriots for the human race.

    We can no longer afford to sit and watch life on TV. We have to actually fight for the future of the human race.

    Imagine what the world can be without the evils of men to stifle your creativity and love for each other.

    Please, I am asking you to join me and fight these evils that will continue to grow unless we take action ow.

    More to come.

    Peace be with you all.

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