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  • nighttrader09 nighttrader09 Feb 10, 2011 10:01 PM Flag

    Harder to preserve wealth than make money

    Interesting Read. Inflation everywhere in Asia. Gold and Silver the Way

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    • Interesting article. As I've posted here many times I am a big follower of Jim Rogers and even had the pleasure to hear him speak and got to meet him in person. I have followed his advice for well over a decade. He was invested in China long before most and I followed with great success. He became hugely bullish on p.m.'s which I already was.

      Interestingly China has for several years now been on a quest to have their population invest in Au/Ag. In a Forbes article some 30 odd years ago they detailed how China had sent their best and brightest to Singapore to study how they incorporated a Capitalist economy yet held onto Political Power. I always said that China is too big and the disparity between rich and poor would eventually cause social unrest and demand would arise for a true democracy. Of course that was before Tiananmen Square. I still believe it inevitable though.

      Now I come to the Reserve Currency. This is the apple with the quarter in it that all are dunking for. I believe the Renminbi(RMB) will eventually become the world's reserve currency. No one knows how much Au China really has, reason being that they plan on a partial backing of the RMB with Au. Yes that is the plan I believe will take shape as soon as the Chinese become more of a self sufficient economy less reliable on the U.S. and Europe. The rest of the Asian economies will welcome this as will countries desiring Chinese cash and hating America.

      The uber rich Americans are already holding huge amounts of physical P.M.'s. They know the repercussions of QE 1, 2 and on, ad nauseam. You can trade around your p.m. stocks if your nimble enough and on specific news but the best is to buy the dips and hold on tight because the day of reckoning will be upon us before we know it and it will be too late to jump in because the change will come with lightning speed.

      Good Luck

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