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  • cgreens72 cgreens72 Feb 27, 2011 11:41 AM Flag

    Rumor has it?

    JPM is offering $50 to anyone that will take it in lieu of taking delivery of their physical silver...

    If UR short, or are not in this sector in March and upcoming.


    Preserve your wealth!


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    • ABX got USD500 million to open PASCUA PROSPECTUS 2000.

      ABX closed a minus USD150 profit, meaning per every produced free Gold oz they also at zero cost as well, get up to five ounces of Silver.

      ABX + JPM have ;lost PASCUA 2001-2013.

      By the way...

      Did Barrick deliver its Silver, titles to Mina Pascua Chile or apologies for defaulting SLW contract?

      Is SLW loosing steam?


      Daily CIVIL RICO ACT illegal trading activity of PASCUA LAMA PONZI SILVER is taking place at ABX + SLW illegal partnership 2009-2013 to defraud innocent investors worldwide.

    • One of the original posts:

      "Major hedge fund traders are going to be buying hundreds of millions of dollars of March contracts during the last 3 weeks of February. The strategy is simple-force Comex to pay a hefty premium on contracts that CANNOT be delivered. Will this work? It worked like a charm in December. Those guys were all kicking themselves because they should have bought 10 times the amount of contract that they actually had in December.

      This time around, they are getting everyone they know to get involved in this trade. They will pool their money together in order to get a large number of contracts so that Comex will not be available to deliver-thus forcing a hefty premium. These former traders are gonna pull a train on Blythe with all their hedge fund buddies and there is not a thing Blythe can do about it.


      These traders have gotten word in the last 48 hours, that Blythe and The Morgue is about to undertake a major raid on GOLD in the hopes that silver will sell off too. Therefore, these traders are advising their colleagues to refrain from buying March silver contracts unless silver breaks $31 again. Their understanding is that Blythe cannot effectivley execute a silver selloff but Blythe and The Morgue can still execute an effective GOLD SELLOFF.

      If and when this GOLD selloff comes, scheduled for this Friday or perhaps next week at the latest, Blythe is hoping that gold will break $1300 and go as far down as $1250. Blythe will be short selling intermitently in the silver pit but her main goal is to cover as many silver contracts as possible.

      Once this Gold induced selloff is done watch for the mother of all rally in the silver pit. The hedge funds will be buying like crazy, but the MAIN assault will not take place until February wheren these former traders expect a rise of at least $10 (which was what happened to silver from October going into December).

      December was just a dry run (RAID) on the Comex. The success and ease of that RAID has emboldened these traders to re-try the same scheme with a lot more money this go around (March delivery). The only defense Blythe has is to engineer a GOLD SELLOFF in the next two weeks in order to suppress silver so that she can cover her SILVER contracts.

      So yes, I am very bullish on silver since I know that Comex cant deliver this March, but am expecting a selloff from a gold induced intervention.

      I have been tasked by Blythe's former traders to spread the word about the fact that there is not enough physical silver in the world to cover The Morgue's short contracts. That is my role.

      I hope this has been helpful.

      You're going home in a body bag, do-da, do-da.... "

      The body bag part is def. gonan be in the movie they make about this sheet next year.

    • $50 ???

      I heard 30% to 50% premium to take cash,

      Not a big secret. It's been all over the blogosphere.

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