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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Mar 10, 2011 5:00 AM Flag

    This Will Make You Feel Better Today

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    • Meat,Whats your take on the added 56,000 shorts added two days prior to this, [Bix Weir],says they [the bank cabals] had no choice but to stop the speeding silver bullet by adding to the short [position as they werew all doing moths and years ago,then they tryed to excit as fast as possible till we got our 4th.qt report and cc,then tthey decide to re-short their positions to slow ,or in this case reverse the the tide big time!
      I can't figure out what their sleezy plan is now,but Bix says they have plenty more of them up their sleeve and it won't stop till they cut off the computer rigged trading on wall streewt,also we have the ruling coming out on the 28 th.,but this dosent seem to bother the big shorts ,in fact they dug a deeper hole to boot!!!
      What do u think ,Meat. I woulod like to hear your input on this crap from nowhere dropped on us like bird poop! Jim

    • Wow. The rich got richer throughout a jobless recovery and a stock market correction filled with pomo money? Never would have thunk it.

      Imagine what the rich peep's real estate portfolios will be worth 10 years from now when they buy everything up at a fraction of their values because they are the only ones who don't need a mortgage (because common folks won't get one --- within two years after Fannie and Freddie are gone banks will only offer 20 year mortgages and force people with no money to try to give a bigger down payment to keep monthly costs in line ---goodbye middle class).

      It's a runaway train that's last stop, unless Denzel Washington can grab control of the train (or Keanu Reeves because I saw him slow down a bus in a movie), is either class warfare or the stop before peaceful MASSIVE redistribution of wealth.

    • ...also, Pakistan, Croatia, most Arab countries are GREEN! It's so uplifting, I want to open my burka and hallah hakpooey!

      Gold and silver are down one percent, on the news dollars can be also used as toilet paper.

      I love commodities with both industrial and currency uses.

    • On the contrary, I actually feel poorer


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