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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Mar 20, 2011 8:01 PM Flag

    The Islam religion is why we fight all these wars.

    The reason we have hate in the world, is "my" religion is better than yours--BANG your dead, just to prove the point.

    Murdering folks for belief in mystical spirits and ooga booga in the sky, because the whole idea of immutable death is too hard to take--I pizz on all of you.

    Stoneage cave people cringing before thunder and lightening.

    "Hey yayay ayyya haeayaya yayay" (rattle rattle rattle)

    What fuqqin IDIOTS, frightened children with their pedophile priests pointy hats and poofy dust--it just makes me want to retch.

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    • Oh please.

      There would still be wars even if there were no religion at all.

      The oligarchy of banksters that prints our 'money' needs the people to constantly fight amongst themselves, so we don't fight against them--our real rulers and real enemy. Religion is only one tool used to divide the people, but there are others such as race, ethnicity (say Chinese vs Tibetan), ideology (be it 'capitalism' vs 'communism', or red state vs blue state). Actual war is only the most extreme expression of these attempts to divide.

      The hate campaign against Muslims is the much hyped 'Clash of Civilizations' neocon devotees of Leo Strauss promoted to replace the Cold War. The people were getting uppity after the fall of communism, and were demanding a 'peace dividend', meaning more personal freedom, and reduced military spending, thus reduced profits for the military-industrial complex.

      America's, and the world's, current nightmare was all kicked off by the inside job known as 9-11. Of course, if you want to justify massive debt and military spending, or just want an excuse to strip Americans of their Bill of Rights (via the Patriot Act, T.S.A., etc.) it's not a nightmare at all, but a dream come true.

      Ask yourself who benefits.

    • Those idiots you refer to were men who sinned. They do not represent Jesus. "Religion" involves the rules of man, not of God. Death and sin are not from God. Death comes from sin and the fall of man. Jesus defeated sin and death at the cross. Christ came to give us life, but not just life - life in abundance.

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      • Have your Jesus pick up a fukkin shovel, I think I hear some cries from underneath his handywork in Japan.

        If you want a set of principles to live by, fine, but don't expect a prize behind door number three after you rot faht, and die.

        Nothing is wrong with having principles. Expecting prizes after your dead? Dial 1-800 Al Kaida for the latest version.

        A bunch of whining aboriginees running around proclaiming self delusion so they don't go mad in the realization, this is all there is, and you're no better than the ants on the ground.

      • Q: Wasn't the vast number of religions, each claiming to be the one "TRUE" one, a tipoff that the phenomenon of religion was more a collective neurosis than a metaphysical observation?

        A: No. Har!

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