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  • lettersandsuch92 lettersandsuch92 Apr 23, 2011 10:22 AM Flag

    April 27 Predictions

    Any thoughts on what will happen in the near-term with price of SLW and Silver in general with the Fed's April 26th and 27th meeting? Bernanke will be holding a press conference on the afternoon of the 27th. One article I read said they could just adjust the end of QE2 from the end of June to some later date.

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    • Burn&YankMe will slam the dollar up for 2 to 3 days by lying about ending QEII. This will skim some of the fluff out of the silver market and set the scene for blowing through $50.00. $50.00 is not a significant number in pounds, yen, or yuan.

      There is NO possibility that rapid monetization can stop or even slow at this juncture.

      We have reached the point on the graph where the money supply has gone vertical. The money supply must be doubled & redoubled ad infinitum.

      Those who believe that silver or oil or pork bellies are in a bubble have their eye on the wrong ball.

    • You have a lot of nerve trying to post something intelligent on topic. Let's watch that next time.

      Moving right along, you'll get the cringe before the binge, I suspect a 1.5% backpedal on the POS, which will take a bite out of everyone's tush.

      After Ben uses this TV question and answer forum to do the opposite of what Greenspan used to do, namely confuse the crap out of us, and terrify us at the same time, my perception is he is going to say we don't need QE3 because the effects of QE 1 and 2 are just hitting the market and we ought to "give them a chance."

      He did that last week, so I don't think he will change that approach.

    • Dont know for sure about PMs but I just got back from a gun show and by the way the place was packed I have an idea what else is soon to happen...

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