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  • lehrner.wolfgang lehrner.wolfgang Apr 23, 2011 1:56 PM Flag

    Deadmeats constant use of "GOYIN" &

    trashing of GENTILES belies his hatred of Christians. He should not be posting his religious hatred on this board.

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    • Yours & Meat's response was exactly as anticipated.

      I have never seen facts & empirical evidence shake the faith of the true (un) believer.

      Nevertheless I'm a glutton for punishment, here is round 2:

      Snip> <Scientific peer groups reviewed Rips’s phenomenon for four years in the United States before the information was printed in the prominent Statistical Science Journal in 1994. The theory, which they scientifically called theomatics, perplexed them. While they couldn’t fault Rips’s evidence, they couldn’t believe it. Rips had found the names of 32 sages who lived and died long after biblical times encoded with their dates of birth and death. The odds of this happening were reportedly one in ten million.>

    • I certainly sympathize with your sentiments about the state of the world. It stinks. Can't even drink the water anymore without the chance of glowing in the dark. This world is filled with trouble. It's dying. Even one ounce of kindness towards others though in the midst of this is, in my view, worth more than any silver or gold. Just an ounce of kindness. Of course, tons of it is a lot better. One kind word can make a person's day in this dark world.

    • Well, if earthquakes, and tsunami's and nuke disasters are all the natural outcome of prophesy according to plan, saving anybody from that disaster mutes the lesson to be learned by the inevitable as laid out by gods. Therefore, let the phuckers die, drown, get crushed, and don't lift a finger to help. As a matter of fact, we should be hurrying things along, by for example, trying to unsettle the Mid East by pursuing worthless wars, after all, it's prophesy, isn't it?

      Not doing anything makes you the moral couch potato that saves you enough time to silently know, you're the chosen ones who've just missed a bullet, and the oppressed must have done something to incur the dieties wrath.

      So, best watch the tube this week's episode of Desperate Housewives, instead of doing something to help.

    • Thwart God's plan? How would you propose to do that YDM? I don't understand.

    • "He should not be posting his religious hatred on this board."

      How right you are!

      YDM has made himself a 'god' on this board and believes he has some worshippers and he will tolerate no rivalry!
      Half, or make that 90% of the time he speaks gibberish.

    • Yes, and you wouldn't want to life a finger to thwart your God's plan would you? All those in prophesy shan't raise a hand against, lest they be smitten by the great zongo.

      Uh huh, I get it.

    • This has been a terrific thread.

      If I was to write it as a treatment for a movie, this is the way I'd do it.

      "A bunch of Christians who profess the love of a Diety who came to earth to promote peace and goodwill amongst all, nonetheless invest in silver and gold to make their fortune.

      Their financial secular, success, their earthly richness, is largely predicated on the world becoming an apocalyptic abomination, of wars, pestilence, fraudulent leadership, earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear disasters, and the entire financial monetary system a Ponzi scheme of worthless paper, overdrawn on nearly worthless real estate, in the richest country in the world.

      OK. Hears the brunt of it: The worse the world gets, the better they do financially in the secular world. They don't have to fix it, they don't have to pay any attention to it. To assuage conscience, if any exists, their spiritual side sleeps the sleep of the just, because all they have to do is believe in just the right god, or the same god through just the right process or sect (as believing just won't do), and all the earthly issues making this a hell on earth, don't count against them for the rest of eternity.

      When called out on this issue, their mentally unbalanced compartmentalized applecart is so upset, they lash out at Inquisition level of wailing and gnashing of teeth, "killing" the non believer by having his voice stilled and posts removed. And they feel justified as a verbal lynch mob in so doing.

      Have I got the screenplay of this stage play written correctly so far? For kicks read this out loud, step back from your selfish mastabatory genuflections, and try some genuine reflections instead.

      But I doubt it. Reality to these folks is like rubbing salt into a wound, which by the way, is very helpful, however painful. They won't do it. They can't. They're invested in fantasy.

      One of my devout Christian friends who makes missiles for a living via a well known manufacturer said to me, in whining tones, if there is no afterlife and promise of redemption, why bother adhering to order and discipline in the world? Where he cried is my prize for doing "good" or not raping my neighbor's daughter or stealing your home?

      Thus without a process awarding him a prize at the end of his rainbow, he wouldn't believe in anything at all. He was sincerely, he couldn't see the hypocrite looking at himself in the mirror every morning.

      That's why I despise organized religion, and the promise of redemption. It provides neat mental solace to whoever wants to excuse monstrous behavior or not do something about monstrous behavior, in THIS world.

      Everybody, back to your buck toothed rodents, cholesterol laden chocolates, and pedophile priests, and absentee landlord dieties.

      Me? I spent the time picking up garbage with some friends for three hours this morning. Bagging and tagging got a lot of stinky garbage off the public highways this morning.

      This board? I wasn't as successful in picking up the garbage.

      Hey, the one job I was able to do did some good I can see and feel.

      well, one out of two ain't bad.

    • That makes sense, you know. They hate the Israelites.

    • dixie_52 Apr 24, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

      Actually, he's trashing Israelites.

    • Again, whatever the hell this means......

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