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  • lehrner.wolfgang lehrner.wolfgang Apr 25, 2011 3:12 PM Flag

    Many Miners in South America want to put a Tax


    It isn't just Peru who has mentioned this. I don't know how or if it would effect SLW I just know that it hasn't be responding to the rise in Ag like it should and this Taxing the Miners came out right about the time we began to tank. I'm long a lot of shares so not bashing. I'm just putting out what I read.

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    • Well, all I can say is that at 50.00/oz, silver pales in comparison to platinum, palladium and gold. Also, it is a byproduct of zinc and lead and copper smelting. I do not think that is where the taxers are looking right now.

      Assuming they did impose additional taxes (there undoubtedly is a tax already), then this will be passed along to make an even higher cost of silver - hardly a downside so far as I can see it.

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