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  • puckstopperforhawks puckstopperforhawks Apr 26, 2011 3:18 PM Flag

    Step back and wait

    Or the Bernank will do nothing and this will go back up to 43 /45 and slopp short sellers will be racing for the door! Thas what makes an market I got out at 44, back in big under 39.

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    • You should stop and consider silver may do whatever it's going to do independent of anything Bernanke has to say.

      Consider margin raises in asia and north american muted further upside. Consider technical damage should not be ignored because once the damage is done, automated selling or buying occurs.

      No one is sitting there in a technical fund saying "oh, if bernanke does this, I'll do that", the computer sees it's price objective hit, and it just executes buy or sell. Technically, a long position is on the wrong side of what the technicals are saying.

      But you are right, this difference of cordial opinion between us is what makes a market.

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      • The Chinese could care less what BB does. They and most of Asia have a plan, and that is to buy up hard assets. BB has no plan, nor does the US Gov. The don't even know what they had for lunch. The dollar is basically dead, and the funeral is being planned.

        Silver will go where silver will go.

        Great post today. I have been in SLW for around two years. I learn more about this company during periods like this than when the engines are ignited. I am confident we are going to triple digits. I have never traded this stock. If we hit 33 I am going to buy.

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