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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Apr 26, 2011 4:45 PM Flag

    Time to PLAY! Let's 2nd Guess, Bernookie

    OK gang, as we continue specie's cringe before the binge, let's put our money where our mouth is, instead of our mouth where your money is, and guess what the Bernank will drivel past us in the hot debate post FED decision Wednesday afternoon!!

    First the decision--

    a. stay the course, but be always diligent for out of control CORE inflation.

    b. Some day we MUST reign in all this liquidity, but someday ain't today. Big recession Nov 2008/March 2009, very fragile recovery, we're doing well in the market, but I don't watch the market. (And I read Playboy for the editorials!)

    b. QE2 ends on 30 June, but we'll be watching the paper market to intervene should there be any undo roiling of the market. (Translation, the Chinese stop buying, interest rates go up, real estate is pressured into the bottom of the sea, as 1/2 the home sales in America are short, or foreclosures, we're going to be buying using QE2 rollover, we got plenty, we got about 3/4TRILLION per year for the next upteen years. I don't need more funny money, I'm having a ball deploying the first two bumper crops.)

    See how that goes? Did I forget anything? (Besides the implicit message, I the Bernankle, really think you want to buy all this bullchit, so go back to raising the roof on the market, because you have to pay the banks what you owe them.)

    It's time to play, let's second guess, Bernookie!
    c. Fuel inflation? it's demand by those pesky Indians and Chinese.

    d. Our currency weak? Not, THEIR currency is too strong, they manipulate it, they screw up the market, they make their goods and services with coolie slave labor and sell it to us under the banner of flea market crapitallism and keep our dollar relatively stronger so we can buy their trash.

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    • 0255 Eastern

      AP New York

      "A private source inside the Whitehouse has leaked a transcript of the speech which Ben Bernanke is scheduled to deliver later today."

      "Bernanke will announce a plan to deal with the skyrocketing price of silver." "The Fed has contracted with a third party who has discovered a new process to fabricate silver out of aluminum at a cost approaching $1.00 per ounce."

      "In the leaked transcript, Bernanke will also explain the method through which the Fed intends to effect delivery of the new silver supply to the market."

      "Within 10 days, Bernanke intends to distribute vast quantities of the synthesized silver by dumping it out the open door of a helicopter over several U.S. metropolitan areas starting with New York."

      Larebi Lamabo AP NY

    • A, and that's my final answer.

    • Without qe #3 I see the US stockmarket ( and the other ones too ) come crashing down. Wonder where the flite to safety will be then or where when they have to go back to qe#3 and 4...Were screwed no matter which way he goes..IMO

    • Careful meat.

      I've had 3 posts disappear that have cut too close to the bone.

      PPT & POMO include information control.

      For the record, Burn&YankMe will say that they are ending QEII while simultaneously pumping trillions of new greenback TP into the market.

      Since our gubment is so truthful and reliable (We're from the gubment & we're here to help you), the Goyim will believe that QEII is ending and silver will set back temporarily.

      Their goal is total dollar destruction, so that the U.S. can be dissolved into the anti-christ one world order.

      Gold & silver are the currency of the elite

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      • Government control and direction makes sense, unless you believe the best car is the world is handled by letting go of the steering wheel. MPG and pollution control would not have happened, and you'd be able to cut LA air with a knife. Leaving addiction to oil to the marketplace has had its consequences. Which is to say, if it wasn't developed unintentionally to working towards clean air, and computer controllerd ignition,fuggedaboudit.

        Monetary policy is not one of those things. Monetary policy is like wrestling with a greased pig. You don't get anywhere, and the pig gets annoyed.

        Some things man was meant to leave alone. Ed Wood logic works here.

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