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  • jermarge2000 jermarge2000 Apr 26, 2011 5:09 PM Flag

    Time to PLAY! Let's 2nd Guess, Bernookie

    Careful meat.

    I've had 3 posts disappear that have cut too close to the bone.

    PPT & POMO include information control.

    For the record, Burn&YankMe will say that they are ending QEII while simultaneously pumping trillions of new greenback TP into the market.

    Since our gubment is so truthful and reliable (We're from the gubment & we're here to help you), the Goyim will believe that QEII is ending and silver will set back temporarily.

    Their goal is total dollar destruction, so that the U.S. can be dissolved into the anti-christ one world order.

    Gold & silver are the currency of the elite

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    • Government control and direction makes sense, unless you believe the best car is the world is handled by letting go of the steering wheel. MPG and pollution control would not have happened, and you'd be able to cut LA air with a knife. Leaving addiction to oil to the marketplace has had its consequences. Which is to say, if it wasn't developed unintentionally to working towards clean air, and computer controllerd ignition,fuggedaboudit.

      Monetary policy is not one of those things. Monetary policy is like wrestling with a greased pig. You don't get anywhere, and the pig gets annoyed.

      Some things man was meant to leave alone. Ed Wood logic works here.

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