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  • lehrner.wolfgang lehrner.wolfgang Jun 3, 2011 3:39 PM Flag

    Losing Our Civil Liberties and we're all half

    awake in a Fake Empire. TSA conditions Americans for whats to come in the future. Buy Au/Ag and be prepared to defend yourself. Have supplies of water and food because the supermarkets may become very dangerous.

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    • Supermarkets a dangerous place?
      Holy Klondike bars!
      You guys are sicker puppies than I thought.
      Paleeeeze stay away from my Whole Foods and Fairway.

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      • 1974, 24 hours blackout in N.Y.C. Read about the devastation that was caused in a short 24 hrs. Now think what happens if the American Dollar was to be devalued 25/35% overnight. Look what is happening right now, today, in most major cities in America. Riots/Wilding/Closure of water parks beaches, shopping malls, Miami's Urban Day. You would be naive to believe it can't happen in America. The riots in Watts will be in every major city. "Sick puppies" to prepare for what may very well happen. We'll it's still a free country so the ones who prepare will survive.

    • Lerhner you're right !!
      keep beating the drum ..... those who are so against the 2nd amendment are about to find out why it's in there. of course - it won't do "them" any good as many ill already be raped, beaten, and ransacked.......


    • supermarkets will be dangerous for about 4 hrs....then they'll be empty.

      better be able to hunt, farm and barter skills w/ others.
      sounds like a much better America already.

      we don't need a gov't telling us what's good for us....remember folks they are there to SERVE the people and the country...remind them of that every time you VOTE...if they get voted out like revolving door they might actually do something GOOD for the people and the country....imho

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      • "supermarkets will be dangerous for about 4 hrs....then they'll be empty."

        The supermarkets will be full of product and have armed guards at the door.

        The few shoppers that will be buying the $50/gal milk and $50/loaf of bread will be those that exchanged fiat for silver back in June of 2011.

      • What would happen if they gave an election and no one voted?

        Have you ever wondered why you must be a "federal citizen" to vote? That's what a U.S. Citizen is by the way. Check it out in Black's. Do you live on federal territory/land/vessel? Are you a federal employee? The chances are you aren't really a U.S. Citizen, but since it's presumed that you know what you're doing and you go around filling out forms and telling folks you are a U.S. Citizen when they ask, then they have the basis for their presumption (albeit a rebuttable one) that you belong on their plantation.

        The point in case here is that the United States State Department has been issuing passports to those born in the various states of the Union, but by affidavit they are claiming they are not U.S. Citizens (ala the fraudulent 14th Amendment, btw) and are instead non-citizen nationals or in essence state nationals.

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