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  • tburke1932 tburke1932 Jul 1, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Germany has a super strong middle class. A form of socialism that works.

    It has always been a three-way struggle. In the Middle Ages it was the Aristocracy, Merchant Class and the Peasantry. That became the modern day Politico, Corporate Executives and Citizen Workers. Bankers belong to the Merchant and Corporate Executive Class. It is not now and never has been a simple two-way struggle between just right and left. Democracy was supposed to give citizens control over the politicians. Fascism gives corporations and bankers the control over politicians. Communism would give the politicians control over both the corporation and the citizens.

    The United States if far down the road to fascism with the bankers and corporations controlling government. The banker/corporatist do not practice capitalism. They believe in banks and corporations that are too big to fail and above the law. If a law gets in their way then they change the law.

    It is not so much the size of government that matters, as it is who controls the government. We, the citizenry, have to take the control of government back from the fascist banker/corporatist.

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