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  • jeb.stuart76 jeb.stuart76 Jul 17, 2011 10:28 PM Flag

    Let the republican's do it again.

    I am ready for another 2008! 80% cash. I will never be a sucker for the republican party again!!!

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    • You lying Democrat. What a scumbag. You can have Pelosi, Reid and the moron Obama. You'll have them forever in hell.

    • Most of the alcoholis and mentally disabled do not get the SSI checks. The checks are diverted to shyster lawyers who had themself declared caretaker. Some lawyers are caretakers to hundreds that they never see or help. But these shyster lawyers are politically connected. You must be ignorant of how the game is played.

    • While I certainly understand the angst about the money, I must tell you that what you've suggested has little or no chance of going forward unless the system does collapse and the people do as they did in France during the French Revolution, which had some interesting effects.

      Some of that money was squandered on social engineering designed to engender a constituency with the rest spent on death and destruction to line the pockets of those involved in the military-industrial complex that both Eisenhower, a republican, and Kennedy, a democrat, warned the American people about.

      For a better understanding of our plight, you might want to read up on the report that Reagan commissioned as president, the Grace Commission.

      Here's a good jumping off spot:

    • I'm a proud member of the tea party, and though I may be ignorant, I do hold two master's degrees from prestigious engineering universities, so I am an educated idiot, but at least I am humble.

      Now as far as Sarah Palin goes, currently she isn't running for even dog catcher, and should be left alone, especially her daughter. Can you see Fox working over Obama's children like this? At any rate, I do respect Ms. Palin's views, but I'd be damned if I'd ever elect a quitter to the white house. We are going to need to elect a man who doesn't care about getting re-elected, and to that end, he will need to be utterly ruthless in cutting our budget.

      Means testing for social security, increase in retirement age, indexed to life-expectancy. We also need to stop paying alcoholics Social Security Disability, because they are unemployable. I'd divert some of the SSI money into shelters for them, but that's all the help they should expect if they choose to disable themselves. The retirement age needs to be re-eamined, and I will suffer from that, but it is necessary. I want an investigation as to why the trust fund is empty, and I want to know of any ways politicians of the past may have benefited, financially, from ways in which they raided the treasury. There should be financial claw-back akin to the Madoff investigation, so that we are able to claw back the illicit gains our crooked politicians of the past were able to garner from votes to take money from the trust fund. They should all be in jail, as any corporate CEO would long ago have been jailed for such financial mismanagement. I don't care what party they are from, I want them in jail, and their heirs forced to pay back what was stolen from our grand-children.

    • amazing the response this thread received from a subject line backed by nothing in its body.

    • PLEASE...Let's not ruin this board with politics! Too many others have been decimated by doing so.


      Let me get this straight . . . ...
      We're going to be "gifted" with a health care
      plan we are forced to purchase and
      fined if we don't,
      Which purportedly covers at least
      ten million more people,
      without adding a single new doctor ,
      but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents,
      written by a committee whose chairman
      says he doesn't understand it,
      passed by a Congress that didn't read it but
      exempted themselves from it,
      and signed by a President who smokes,
      with funding administered by a treasury chief who
      didn't pay his taxes ,
      for which we'll be taxed for four years before any
      benefits take effect,
      by a government which has
      already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare,
      all to be overseen by a surgeon general
      who is obese,
      and financed by a country that's broke!!!!!

      'What the hell could
      possibly go wrong?

    • This shows how stupid and bigoted you are. You actually believe that Palin’s IQ comes close to Obama. I guess you believe that Paul Revere alerted the British that who mthe British were coming? Or she can see Russia from her window in Alaska. The woman is complete dumbbell. She should be driving a mini bus taking around for old redneck codgers like you to hunt for beef jerky. Obama is far from perfect and he may be a better community organizer than the leader of the USA but he's smarter by 40-50 IQ points than that low brow redneck Palin.

      You need Joe the Plumber to snake the crap out of your brain. You are about as dumb and myopic as Joe and Sarah. And while you're at it you should contribute to the Rupert Murdoch defense fund. He may throw you a doggie treat. Now go watch FOX NEWS like a good dog.

    • "but Sarah Palin, really?"

      Compared to who? The community organizer genius from Chicago? Maybe Joe Biden?

      Hell I'd take Joe the Plumber over any of those geniuses. At least he isn't a career politician.

    • Or for that matter Robert E. Lee. A man who turned in his military uniform with honor and grace in order , against his best judgement, to serve those who were his family and friends in their hour of need. How different would it all have been if he had decided differently. Where are those who are worthy of our esteem and recognition? This is a sad and serious time in our nations development. Where are those who will represent us and also diligently lead us? Not a messiah or a demagogue, just a true intelligent, concerned patriot.
      I have read thousands of pages of speeches by American Orators from 1760 through about 1880. I am not bragging, it is one of my many hobbies (I don't sleep too much, and I read fast). It is amazing reading them because of two specific aspects.
      a) Even before the establishment of the country the seeds of the Civil War were already established in a North versus South competition. It is why many of the first presidents were from Virginia. That was part of the original compromise.
      b) Then for about 60 years both the North and the South desperately tried to avoid this final disastrous break as each knew the destruction that would follow. One reads their speeches (and they were great orators, much different from today) and one can see their desperate attempts to find solutions, like a great Shakespearean Tragedy. And then after all the speeches war does come and it is as horrific as they all feared. And then Lincoln on one page sums up everything that happened and why in one huge and brilliant period mark called the
      Gettysburg Address. Read it again some time and realize that though it is only one page long it took four score years to write.
      I fear that once again we, here in America, are embarking on a great task in which we will attempt, once again, to re-establish the great values and purpose that this country was once established to represent. America represents a unique moment in World History. I pray we can find our way. GLTA

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