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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Jul 28, 2011 2:25 AM Flag

    The System is NOT Broken

    The system IS compromise. Argue in public do the business of government in private has been the assumed stability of the United States for centuries, and we scoffed at Banana Republics, with fist fights on the floors of "their" Parliaments comic sidelines to our smug assumption sanity prevails and compromise is its underpinning.

    None of the words in the Constitution are valid unless people put their shoulders to those grindstones. The Constitution is a reminder only of what we should be doing, no contract is more than that.

    Lose the lubrication of compromise of the engine of government IS the system.

    The problem: when the people in charge lose sight of the process, the stability of government becomes a reflection of the instability of the mob.

    THAT is what is driving folks to cash. If you can't count on that part of the system that is the foundation of getting things done, compromise, it is dysfunctional.

    And when you drive folks out of risk assets because you can no longer count on rational behavior, willing to give a little on opposite sides of the aisle, the bedrock of our economy, the PERCEPTION of stability, disappears.

    And the flight to cash becomes its own self fulfilling prophesy.

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