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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Sep 12, 2011 7:55 PM Flag

    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

    Ten Years After

    According to Joseph Goebbels, former Reich Minister for Propaganda for Nazi Germany, if you tell a lie big enough and repeatedly, the public will believe it. Judging from the mainstream media’s 10th anniversary “memorial” to 9/11, Goebbel’s theory is alive and well and working in the USA.

    While, even now, 9/11 invokes the tears of the survivors, families of the 3,000 victims, and sympathetic Americans–it is unclear how many people (especially in government) care enough about 9/11 to search for the truth and indict those truly responsible for all those deaths.

    Somebody murdered over 3,000 Americans and nobody in our government is looking for the actual perpetrator. It’s enough to make you want to puke.

    The real “conspiracy theory” is not the one that alleges Bush & Cheney masterminded 9/11. The real “conspiracy theory” was the crap published by our government that placed the entire blame on Osama bin Laden.

    Here’s a 00:04:56 video that does a brilliant job of concisely exposing the absurdity of the “official conspiracy theory” for 9/11:!

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    • Oh, by the way, Moses was the name of a Hebrew and, more importantly, an Israelite. That's something that the Jews say themselves that they are not, By that I mean an Israelite.

      Your lightly veiled ad hominem attacks are rather childish. Why not just go for the gusto and get the big, bad and better personal attacks package out. That way it really will be less noticeable that you don't know your hind end from third base.

    • I'm not your caterer either, but I do know that the temperature of the fire even in an absolutely optimum situation would be too low to damage the steel. Then when you factor in the clear evidence that the lion's share of the best fuel available, the jet fuel, was largely gone because of the huge fireball, you are left holding the proverbial bag thinking that an expansive house fire caused the collapse.

      By the way, if you'll spend the time necessary to read the info at Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, you'll find a great many folks with a bunch of letters after their names that also say the government story doesn't hold water. There's folks with metallurgical degrees that address the false argument regarding the failure of the steel, too, by the way. The folks in government hope you won't bother.

      That, of course, would require effort on your parts.

    • You’ve still failed to refute the argument about the steel becoming weakened by the heat of the burning jet fuel. And why is that?

      Instead you resort to name calling (the “fifth grader” comment), which has nothing to do with the science that explains what took place. As for the missions you suggest, perhaps yours should be to go back to where you left off in your science education until you learn how wrong you are. Or in the unlikely event that you are a trained professional in a field of building design examine your lack of character when distorting science to meet some political agenda you are harboring. Yes, there are actually educated people in the engineering field that believe this garbage, and have been part of broadcasts by the conspiracy circuit. Also of those who participated in the 9/11 attack, some were educated engineers.

      Beyond that, please do note the ratings of your posts, as happily most do not believe you. That does fortunately reinforce the belief that most are intelligent enough to consider your views pure Balderdash.

      By the way, are you perhaps a Muslim Jihadist? Your screen name appears to suggest an anti-Jewish bias, as in only Jews inhabit Wall Street. That comment is in no way dismissive of the graft and corruption present there, as well defined at DeepCapture com, nor does it carry with it any apologetic notion that the attack was justified, be it homegrown or otherwise. Fiat money, which is now worldwide, thanks to the fiat dollars dominance internationally (though declining) is the source of nearly every conceivable anti-social event.

    • If what you state is true then ALL STEEL STRUCTURED BUILDINGS would collapse as a result of fires.

      But wait, except for a 1.5 mile square area in New York City, and only on 9.11.01, IT HAS NEVER OCCURRED...NOT BEFORE OR SINCE...not even in instances with tremendously worse fires and there are many such examples.

      Your theory suffers even further owing to the fact that the jet fuel was largely exhausted in those fireballs - you know whooof!!! - which left only drapes, carpets, furniture and other office items to burn and even then it was a less than optimal burn situation. The fire was air starved as clearly indicated by the dense black smoke.

      The anomaly grows and I wonder how my barbecue grill even lasts from year to year.

      Sheeeesh. Think people, might even enjoy it.

      Remember, too, those towers were engineered to withstand the impact of a 727.

    • I'm not your caterer. There's a sufficient amount of information for you to be busy learning the truth for weeks. The important word here, though, is you.

      Perhaps blatant might have been a better choice, but frankly the entire scam is so obvious, thus overtly done in my mind, that most sharp 5th graders when confronted with the information would recognize that something is direly wrong with the official story that has more holes than cheap Swiss cheese.

      Here's task number one. There's over 30,000 pounds of largely titanium constructed jet engines missing from the Pentagon crash site. Titanium, as you might recognize, won't melt or burn up when exposed to the temperatures of jet fuel being burned in an optimum air mixture situation like the jet engine.

      There was no indication that those two engines encountered the wall at 200 mph or any remnants of them after the supposed crash.

      Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to find out what happened to those two rather bulky pieces of hardware.

      As always the Secretary will disavow knowledge of your actions.

    • The problem with people like you is not that you are uninformed and wrong. The problems is that too many of you fall into that category. That, unfortunately, draws others in that listen to you and others who like to broadcast gloom and doom. One has to wonder what sort of revolutionary fever they wish to foment. Unfortunately for them they underestimate average human intelligence, and that is revealed by your “star” ratings.

      What happens to steel is that it loses strength as it heats up. At some point it approaches the consistency of cold molasses. With all the stories above the point of impact that depend on the support of what is beneath it is within the grasp of the non-technical to understand the consequences, unless they fall into the aforementioned category. Once the building starts to collapse at the point of weakness the impact load increases with each collapsing floor as gravitational acceleration increases the downward velocity of the collapsing floors. Think of it as a giant hammer that increases in size as it hits each floor beneath. Structural engineers design for the most probable events, WHILE ALSO MINIMIZING MATERIAL COSTS. In today’s world that means utilization of computer programs to define expected loading on a structure, and the more massive the structure the more dependent are the results on the resulting calculations.

      The best thing for you to do is to stay away from conspiracy broadcasts that attempt to draw in ignorant listeners to expand their ratings, since they are either incapable of understanding natural laws, or they prefer to mislead those who they know are out there that are ripe to be conned with junk science.

    • Moses, you are right on the mark. A couple years ago, I would have thought you were an un patriotic crazy jerk but I actually did my research... which btw did not take very long because there is overwhelming evidence that building 7 was a planned demolition that had to take at least weeks before 9-11 to set up for demolition. I mean, just look at the collapse! Pure demolition.
      The rest of the buildings falling at terminal velocity... well, you don't need to be very smart to figure that out. People are just brainwashed and do not know their history. You cant blame them because of their ignorance because they simply just take what the government says to be right on the mark. lol.

    • I think of all the arguments out there, flight 93 is one of the best. The "official story" is such a load of BS that even a 3 yr old can tell its a fairy tale. THERE IS NO PLANE! The hole isnt even big enough. Also, no Human remains AT ALL. Christ, they found remains from those poor people under a couple million tons of fire ridden debris at the trade centers. But out on the middle of a field, not one finger joint? Not a single bone fragment? No DNA? Nothing! Oh yea, the force of the impact bla bla bla. I'm sure there was a heck of a lot more force involved when the buildings came down.

      Oh yea, and "we got bin laden". Sure.. not one tangible shred of evidence, not one photograph, no 1st hand accounts. Just a handshake, a smile, and a "Trust me".

      I have a million tons of gold in my basement too. I cant show you though because its top secret, but its there. Trust me

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      • I feel sorry for Seal Team 6, the men who supposedly went in after OBL. I wonder how many of those guys were killed in the helicopter crash a few weeks ago. The MSM says that the Seals killed were not the same ones as the OBL raiders, but, then again, they originally said Pat Tillman was not hit by friendly fire.

        When people don't want to admit that 9-11 was an inside job, I just remind them of the WMDs that were known to be in Iraq. Bush said that he had absolute proof but he couldn't reveal the proof because it would reveal "methods and sources" that had to remain secret. Were any WMDs found?

        We need to bring them to account or our freedoms will be taken from us.

    • Except for 9/11, and only then in a very small area, have erected steel buildings succumbed to fire.

      Building #7 did have minor damage and a couple of small fires. If we magnified that total damage by a factor of 10, it still does not explain the building failing neatly into its own footprint, at nearly freefall speed.

      Here's a cut from a coverage story:

      "WTC 7, although damaged slightly by falling rubble, stood for about six hours on September 11th, then around 5 p.m. it suddenly fell. No official explanation for this has ever been given. This building was completely destroyed, and came down in the manner of a controlled demolition."


      I know that you have already made up your mind. This site is for others. I will not try to convince you. I know it would be fruitless.

      For interested others, I especially find the last video at the bottom of the page informative. It shows the debris hitting #7, and shows the damage done by the debris to the buildings in the area that did not collapse. The building had major damage and uncontrolled fires that burned for hours.

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